ZOMBIES Odessey & Oracle LP 1968 CBS 1st Press! A1/B1!! MEGA RARE MONO!!!!

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October 11, 2017 - 11:08:04 PM GMT (11 months ago)
Zombies-odessey-oracle-lp-1968-cbs-1st-press-a1-b1-mega-rare-mono--2_33971348 Zombies-odessey-oracle-lp-1968-cbs-1st-press-a1-b1-mega-rare-mono--2_33971355 Zombies-odessey-oracle-lp-1968-cbs-1st-press-a1-b1-mega-rare-mono--2_33971372
PLEASE NOTE - THIS AUCTION WILL END LATE WEDNESDAY 11TH OCTOBER (INTO EARLY MORNING THURSDAY 12TH UK TIME) - AS THIS WEEK I AM DOING LOADS OF DIFFERENT AUCTIONS WITH SOME AMAZING ITEMS ENDING ON DIFFERENT DAYS!!!!! OF COURSE, I WILL STILL BE DOING MY USUAL SUNDAY NIGHT AUCTIONS AS NORMAL!!!! SO PLEASE READ ON ABOUT THIS AMAZING ITEM BELOW - AND GOOD LUCK IF YOU DECIDE TO BID:- On offer here is a VERY rare LP (especially in this condition!!!!) by The Zombies called "Odessey & Oracle" and is an ORIGINAL 1968 UK MONO 1st Pressing on the 1st Press Orange CBS labels!!!! THIS LP IS SERIOUSLY RARE AND ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND!!!! THIS IS ONE OF THE ZOMBIES RAREST LPs EVER - AND VIRTUALLY NEVER TURNS UP FOR SALE!!!! JUST TRY AND FIND ANOTHER ONE!!!! BACK IN 1968 WHEN THIS LP WAS FIRST RELEASED - IT ONLY EVER SOLD IN ABSOLUTELY TINY AMOUNTS, AND WAS ALMOST IMMEDIATELY DELETED!!!! AS A RESULT IT IS SERIOUSLY RARE AND INCREDIBLY HARD TO LOCATE TODAY!!!! BUT WHAT MAKES THIS LP REALLY SPECIAL IS THAT IT IS 1ST PRESSED IN MEGA RARE MONO!!!! AND THIS IS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND ON THIS LP!!!! BACK IN 1968 WHEN THIS LP WAS FIRST RELEASED - VIRTUALLY EVERY 1ST PRESSING OF THIS LP WAS MADE IN COMMON STEREO - WITH BARELY ANY IN MEGA RARE MONO AT ALL!!!! IN FACT, BY 1968 WHEN THIS LP WAS FIRST RELEASED, MOST SHOPS HAD STOPPED STOCKING MONOs ALTOGETHER - AND THEY WERE ONLY AVAILABLE BY 'SPECIAL ORDER' ONLY!!!! AS A RESULT FINDING A 1ST PRESSING OF THIS INCREDIBLE LP IN MEGA RARE MONO, IS VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE TODAY - AS BARELY ANY WERE EVER MADE!!!! NOT ONLY THAT, BUT THIS LP IS IN BRILLIANT CONDITION!!!! JUST TAKE A LOOK AT THE PICTURES!!!! THIS IS THE ORIGINAL 1968 UK MONO 1ST PRESSING ON THE 1ST PRESS ORANGE CBS LABEL, 1ST PRESS A1/B1 MONO MATRIX ENDINGS, 1ST PRESS CBS ADVERTISING INNER SLEEVE, AND 1ST PRESS 'E.J.DAY' LAMINATED COVER!!!! THIS LP IS SERIOUSLY RARE AND VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO LOCATE (ESPECIALLY IN MEGA RARE MONO!) - SO DONT MISS OUT ON THIS AMAZING OPPORTUNITY!!!! This is the ORIGINAL CBS UK MONO 1st Pressing from 1968 and is in BRILLIANT condition!!!! The record is pressed on THICK quality vinyl. The Cat. No is BPG 63280 on the ORIGINAL 1st Press Orange CBS label (see picture) and is a much MUCH rarer UK MONO 1st Pressing!!!! The record labels are in SUPERB condition (see pictures) with NO writing, NO wear (apart from a TINY touch around the centre holes!), and only a few light spindle marks!!!! The vinyl is in BRILLIANT condition!!!! Most of these 60s LPs had been to a lot of wild parties and are usually found totally worn out, and almost unplayable. This one is NOT and has NO scratches, only 2 or 3 VERY light hairlines, only 2 or 3 MEGA light scufflines, and only a VERY few of the lightest paper scuffs only visible under light!!!! THE RECORD STILL RETAINS ITS ORIGINAL 'JUST PRESSED' LOOK AND SHINES LIKE NEW!!!! It is also great to find that the record plays as STUNNINGLY as the visual!!!! It plays with NO pops, barely ANY clicks AT ALL, NO jumps, NO sticks, and barely ANY crackle AT ALL!!!! The sound quality is simply SUPERB with NO distortion and NO groovewear either!!!! The record must grade Very Good++ if not better!!!! Believe me this record is NOT overgraded in ANY way!!!! I use STRICT RC grading standards - it is not in my interest not to!!!! Brillant!!!! The record comes in its ORIGINAL 1st Press CBS advertising inner sleeve which is in SUPERB condition!!!! The ORIGINAL 1st Press 'E.J.Day' Laminated Cover is in BRILLIANT condition!!!! It has NO edge wear, NO spinal wear, only VERY slight corner wear (NOT through the colour!), VERY shiny laminate, NO rips, NO tears, only a few VERY light creases (cover is VERY flat looking!), NO splits, NO annotations, and NO writing!!!! The opening edge is beautifully straight with barely ANY feathering AT ALL!!!! Even the unlaminated cover back is in BRILLIANT condition with NO grubbyness, NO yellowing (apart from 2 or 3 ULTRA faint 'age traces'!), NO ringwear, barely ANY rubbing AT ALL, and NO writing!!!! The cover must grade Very Good++ if not better!!!! THIS LP IS SERIOUSLY RARE AND VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND LIKE THIS (ESPECIALLY IN MEGA RARE MONO!) - SO DONT MISS OUT ON THIS INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY!!!! HAVE A LOOK AT MY PICTURES - I DO MY BEST TO SHOW THE RECORD FROM ALL ANGLES AND MAKE THE PICTURES AS CLEAR AS POSSIBLE - THERE IS NOTHING TO HIDE!!!! It really is a GREAT looking LP and it is truly rare to find any copies of this MEGA RARE LP!!!! THIS WILL BE YOUR ONLY CHANCE TO BUY AN ORIGINAL 1968 UK MONO 1ST PRESSING OF "ODESSEY AND ORACLE" BY THE ZOMBIES, IN BRILLIANT CONDITION!!!! Dont forget to take a look at all my other items including many other TOP LPs and contact me with any queries you may have. Postal discounts for multiple buys are always available - and I guarantee to ALWAYS undercharge on postage! Paypal, Bank Transfers, Cheques, International Money Orders, and Postal Orders accepted. Thanks for looking! Cheers!!!!! --ooOOoo-- Though there are rarely ever any problems with my items (I always try my very best to describe everything exactly!) - PLEASE REMEMBER to contact with me FIRST, if you have any problems at all, before you leave feedback and star ratings, so I get a chance to turn any negative experience into a positive one! I can always happily sort anything out for you, if you let me know you have a problem! This way no one has to leave Negative/Neutral feedback - and we both walk away happy! Please do NOT bid if you cannot give me at least 1 chance to sort everything out to your FULL satisfaction in the unlikely event of a problem. Thanks again - Graham @ XXXRecords. PLEASE NOTE - Private feedback bidders must consult me first prior to bidding - due to previous problems regarding non-payment, and non-receipt. MY POSTAGE UNDERCHARGE GUARANTEE TO ALL BUYERS (I always undercharge on postage!):- Due to UK Royal Mail's obscene price increases this year - I have had no choice but to increase postage charges a little. Until this year - I had kept them exactly the same since I joined ebay back in 2002. However this years price increases have been so obscene, that I have had no choice but to increase my postage charges for the first time ever. However PLEASE NOTE - my absolute 100% guarantee to you as a buyer - is that I will ALWAYS undercharge postage on everything I send out. Even after the increases, I am still charging you the buyer LESS than I am being charged myself. On each package I send out - the price is clearly stated on the front of the package (please check it when you recieve it!). I also do NOT charge for packaging costs - ONLY for postal costs! And should you find that I have overcharged you postage in ANY way - I will refund DOUBLE the difference. THAT IS MY 100% POSTAL GUARANTEE FOR EACH AND EVERY BUYER! No buyer EVER deserves to be overcharged on postage - and on my listings, I'll make sure they are ALWAYS undercharged. Any questions - please ask!
October 08, 2017 - 11:08:04 PM GMT (12 months ago)
LP (12-Inch)
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