Willie Makkit All My Love Timeless PARADOX 777 Northern Soul Texas Private MINT-

$1,000.00 USD
April 21, 2017 - 02:27:31 AM GMT (about 1 year ago)
Willie-makkit-all-my-love-timeless-paradox-777-northern-soul-texas-private-mint_30164635 Willie-makkit-all-my-love-timeless-paradox-777-northern-soul-texas-private-mint_30164643 Willie-makkit-all-my-love-timeless-paradox-777-northern-soul-texas-private-mint_30164673
Hi everyone. I have sold thousands of exclusive vinyl $100 on up, and many $1000+ vinyls on my almost 14 years of ebay. Rest assured you are getting what you pay for with an accurate description.Here it is the holy grail! How many times do you hear that, but how many times do actually you see it??Just a handful of these that are known and the only one for sale. Please go to youtube for a sound clip. 1979 Willie Makkit on Paradox records #777 ; Dallas, Texas labelVinyl plays perfect, again the vinyl plays perfect!! Loud and clean. NO background noise."(A) All My Love b/w (B) Timeless"(A) Pounding Northern Soul dancer, floor filler!(B) Mid-tempo dancerUnknown 45. Funk, Soul, DiscoComes in a brown paper baggy sleeve, Mint- 1st press original. Has sold for over $2,200! None have sold yet this year!! Be the first! FREE STANDARD WORLDWIDE SHIPPING. Insurance outside the U.S. will be extra because priority or express shipping is required to your country to have any insurance,You can WAIVE INSURANCE and by bidding and paying only the final bid price, you accept all liability. If you wish to add it, please let me know before you pay. Thanks! want lists ok Please wait for invoice! Thanks. Insurance is $2.50 for the first ($50 of coverage) $3.00 for $100, and on up. I have sold around 1 million vinyls on eBay - and some of the best in the world - so please bid with confidence. As time permits I will be listing more so please check back. PLEASE ASK ANY QUESTIONS REGUARDING THIS RECORD. THANKS. DAN2M Record grading guided by Goldmine (graded in light): MINT: No scuffs, scratches, blotches, stains, labels, writing, tears or splits. Simply perfect. NEAR MINT (NM): A Record that may have one or two tiny, minor flaws such as light paper scuffs from sliding in and out of the sleeves that do not affect play. EXCELLENT (EX or VG+): A Record has been handled and played either very little or very carefully. The vinyl may have lost some but not all of it's original luster or have a slight scratch that doesn't affect play. VERY GOOD (VG): A Record that displays visible signs of handling and playing such as loss of vinyl luster, light surface scratches, groove wear and spindle trails. A VG record may look like it will have some audible surface noise when it is played, although any noise should not overwhelm the music or ruin the listening experience. GOOD (G): The Record is well played, with any number of defects such as complete loss of surface sheen, obvious surface noise, etc. I have many more from Rock to Jazz to Metal to Doo Wop, to Psyche, etc. Please check my other auctions and store. MORE to come!! Thanks and good luck!
April 14, 2017 - 02:27:31 AM GMT (about 1 year ago)
Willie-makkit-all-my-love-timeless-paradox-777-northern-soul-texas-private-mint_30164685 Willie-makkit-all-my-love-timeless-paradox-777-northern-soul-texas-private-mint_30164689


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