Vintage Aldo Parisot Bach Solo Cello Suites 3 Record Box Phonodisc 33 502 001-3

$495.00 USD
May 19, 2017 - 11:09:42 PM GMT (about 1 year ago)
Vintage-aldo-parisot-bach-solo-cello-suites-3-record-box-phonodisc-33-502-001-3_30806579 Vintage-aldo-parisot-bach-solo-cello-suites-3-record-box-phonodisc-33-502-001-3_30806596 Vintage-aldo-parisot-bach-solo-cello-suites-3-record-box-phonodisc-33-502-001-3_30806605
For your consideration is this Vintage Aldo Parisot Bach Solo Cello Suites 3 Record Box Phonodisc 33 502 001-3 The vinyl itself is in incredibly clean condition, with no signs of blemishes that affect play. The label does some writing, but this obviously doesn't affect play either.The outer box does show very minor signs of age and/or wear, but is still quite strong and well in tact. It's really only just surface scuffs. This listing does NOT utilize any kind of industry standard grading, because I am not a professional grader, nor do I want any kind of confusion or misinterpretations of the condition. Far too often, something is listed using these terms but it clearly is not, or is not in someone else's judgement, and it causes problems. I hope that the clear photos will be all that is needed for each individual to determine the condition. This is being sold "as is" with a low starting price and no reserve, so please ask any and all questions before the auction's end to verify any concerns. It will be packed with utmost care to ensure safe arrival. Thanks for looking!
May 12, 2017 - 11:09:42 PM GMT (about 1 year ago)
Vintage-aldo-parisot-bach-solo-cello-suites-3-record-box-phonodisc-33-502-001-3_30806610 Vintage-aldo-parisot-bach-solo-cello-suites-3-record-box-phonodisc-33-502-001-3_30806614 Vintage-aldo-parisot-bach-solo-cello-suites-3-record-box-phonodisc-33-502-001-3_30806627 Vintage-aldo-parisot-bach-solo-cello-suites-3-record-box-phonodisc-33-502-001-3_30806650


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