*ULTRA RARE* Beatles Original 9/16/1963 SWAN Red “She Loves You/I'll Get You" 45

$565.86 USD
March 20, 2017 - 02:08:39 AM GMT (about 1 year ago)
Ultra-rare-beatles-original-9-16-1963-swan-red-she-loves-you-i-ll-get-you-45_29444302 Ultra-rare-beatles-original-9-16-1963-swan-red-she-loves-you-i-ll-get-you-45_29444311 Ultra-rare-beatles-original-9-16-1963-swan-red-she-loves-you-i-ll-get-you-45_29444326
*ULTRA RARE* Beatles Original 9/16/1963 SWAN Red “She Loves You/I'll Get You" 45 White label with Red Print Issued September 16, 1963. RAREST OF ALL THE SWAN "SHE LOVES YOU" ISSUES - Spread Titles without quotation marks and no "DON'T DROP OUT" on label. "MASTERING RECO-ART PHIL." Stamped in the dead Wax along with Matrix Numbers: S-4152-S S-4152-1 Pressed by Monarch Records for West Coast Distribution. (Bruce Spizer) Rare First Pressing. Vinyl - VG+ to NM- Plays LOUD and Punchy! Visually - under bright light - light brush strokes from sliding in and out of sleeve. Labels - Nice. Minimal soiling. small line? next to Lennon McCartney on "I'll Get You". see pics. Comes with original plain brown sleeve issued by SWAN. These are getting harder and harder to find. This is a really nice Keeper copy. Bid with Confidence.
March 13, 2017 - 02:08:39 AM GMT (about 1 year ago)
Ultra-rare-beatles-original-9-16-1963-swan-red-she-loves-you-i-ll-get-you-45_29444346 Ultra-rare-beatles-original-9-16-1963-swan-red-she-loves-you-i-ll-get-you-45_29444361 Ultra-rare-beatles-original-9-16-1963-swan-red-she-loves-you-i-ll-get-you-45_29444366 Ultra-rare-beatles-original-9-16-1963-swan-red-she-loves-you-i-ll-get-you-45_29444381 Ultra-rare-beatles-original-9-16-1963-swan-red-she-loves-you-i-ll-get-you-45_29444456 Ultra-rare-beatles-original-9-16-1963-swan-red-she-loves-you-i-ll-get-you-45_29444479


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