The Who Who Did It ORIGINAL 1970 Track MAIL ORDER 400 ONLY Very rare !!!

$965.82 USD
September 13, 2017 - 03:33:44 PM GMT (9 months ago)
The-who-who-did-it-original-1970-track-mail-order-400-only-very-rare_33357690 The-who-who-did-it-original-1970-track-mail-order-400-only-very-rare_33357692 The-who-who-did-it-original-1970-track-mail-order-400-only-very-rare_33357695
Going to have more rare records in the following months keep a look out, Thanks. The Who : Who did it Original 1st Track records Front laminated cover Mail order 400 copies only Sleeve condition : Very good condition Slight ring wear to reverse and few creases to laminated Spine wording perfect readable No writing, no splits, no tears Even so it's graded very good it's still a decent Sleeve for one of these. Record vinyl condition : Excellent sheen to both sides no dulling No Skips, no jumps, no distortion Label condition : Side one excellent condition Side two excellent condition
September 03, 2017 - 03:33:44 PM GMT (10 months ago)
The-who-who-did-it-original-1970-track-mail-order-400-only-very-rare_33357696 The-who-who-did-it-original-1970-track-mail-order-400-only-very-rare_33357697 The-who-who-did-it-original-1970-track-mail-order-400-only-very-rare_33357699 The-who-who-did-it-original-1970-track-mail-order-400-only-very-rare_33357700 The-who-who-did-it-original-1970-track-mail-order-400-only-very-rare_33357701 The-who-who-did-it-original-1970-track-mail-order-400-only-very-rare_33357702 The-who-who-did-it-original-1970-track-mail-order-400-only-very-rare_33357703 The-who-who-did-it-original-1970-track-mail-order-400-only-very-rare_33357704


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