THE VICEROYS LP Brethren And Sistren CSA Records 1983 UK LISTEN

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March 20, 2017 - 01:27:58 AM GMT (about 1 year ago)
The-viceroys-lp-brethren-and-sistren-csa-records-1983-uk-listen_29441957 The-viceroys-lp-brethren-and-sistren-csa-records-1983-uk-listen_29441973 The-viceroys-lp-brethren-and-sistren-csa-records-1983-uk-listen_29441995
isnw_ecp THE VICEROYS: CSA Records (Mfd in the UK in 1983) BRETHREN AND SISTREN - Original Vinyl 12" Album - The Cover is in Fine ++ Condition, with only light shelf wear. The Labels are clean and new on both Sides. The Vinyl Record looks New and plays New. I've posted some Audio Clips from both Sides of this Record, starting with Side A. Just click on the BIG MICROPHONE Icon and listen for yourself. CRANK IT UP! I can ship this anywhere in the USA Media Rate for $4.00. This can ship to most Overseas Countries for around $22.00; shipping to Canada will cost $15.00. If bidding reaches $50-$120, and it sells to a non-US Buyer, it will have to ship via Registered Mail (but I'll pay $5.95 of the $13.95 Registered Mail Fee.) If it sells to a non-US Buyer for $120-$500, it will have to ship Air Priority ($53.00), and I'll have to pay for Insurance for the full amount sold. If it sells to a non-US Buyer for over $500, it will have to ship Global Express Mail ($90-$120) and I'll pay for Insurance. The POST OFFICE LOSES PACKAGES, don't blame me if it happens to you. Since I will have to insure it, I will have to declare full sales value; if paying other than PAYPAL, I can ship it any way you want. PAYPAL rules make it very difficult and expensive to ship anything out of the country now, since they require on-line Tracking Numbers. You can't get that with simple First Class International shipping. The US Post Office has made it very difficult to Insure packages leaving the country. I can take PAYPAL (and others). Again, if you can pay me and not use PAYPAL, I'll be happy to ship it any way you want it. Good luck!
March 13, 2017 - 01:27:58 AM GMT (about 1 year ago)
The-viceroys-lp-brethren-and-sistren-csa-records-1983-uk-listen_29442025 The-viceroys-lp-brethren-and-sistren-csa-records-1983-uk-listen_29442045


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