The Misfits BEWARE 12" Inch Original First Pressing Plan 9 1979 Rare LP Record !

$1,000.00 USD
October 11, 2017 - 08:30:01 PM GMT (11 months ago)
The-misfits-beware-12-inch-original-first-pressing-plan-9-1979-rare-lp-record_33969721 The-misfits-beware-12-inch-original-first-pressing-plan-9-1979-rare-lp-record_33969730 The-misfits-beware-12-inch-original-first-pressing-plan-9-1979-rare-lp-record_33969749
The Misfits Beware 1979 12" Record Plan 9 This is NOT a bootleg. It's the real deal. I've had it sealed in the most secure position for years. My favorite record and it's gorgeous condition. I've glared a light on the cover to embellish any imperfections. This record was passed down to me after begging for it for years from my uncle who purchased it in 1979. It's been in my safe safe keeping since 1996. No skips or scratches. Insert sleeve shows browning from aging. Cover looks amazing for its ago and Record looks flawless. Misfits Beware etchings on record:Side 1: ARMAGEDDONLYN 7721-RTPLP- 009-A2MAX Side 2:PLP -009-BLYN 7722 ITMAX (It's very hard to read a couple of these etchings so I hope I wrote them down correct) Buyer agrees to pay extra for signature delivery of registered mail and insurance. International Bidders please contact to make sure you are including enough to secure this mail registered with some sort of insurance.
October 01, 2017 - 08:30:01 PM GMT (12 months ago)
The-misfits-beware-12-inch-original-first-pressing-plan-9-1979-rare-lp-record_33969769 The-misfits-beware-12-inch-original-first-pressing-plan-9-1979-rare-lp-record_33969785 The-misfits-beware-12-inch-original-first-pressing-plan-9-1979-rare-lp-record_33969792 The-misfits-beware-12-inch-original-first-pressing-plan-9-1979-rare-lp-record_33969799 The-misfits-beware-12-inch-original-first-pressing-plan-9-1979-rare-lp-record_33969804 The-misfits-beware-12-inch-original-first-pressing-plan-9-1979-rare-lp-record_33969810 The-misfits-beware-12-inch-original-first-pressing-plan-9-1979-rare-lp-record_33969813 The-misfits-beware-12-inch-original-first-pressing-plan-9-1979-rare-lp-record_33969815 The-misfits-beware-12-inch-original-first-pressing-plan-9-1979-rare-lp-record_33969821


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