The Maytals . Dont Trouble Trouble .

$155.89 USD
January 11, 2017 - 08:00:29 PM GMT (over 1 year ago)
The-maytals-dont-trouble-trouble_27725568 The-maytals-dont-trouble-trouble_27725571
A Happy New Year to all of my regular watchers . I retired from work two years ago and decided then to auction off my large record collection at one a day . I first started collecting reggae 45s in 1969 when they were 8/6 each . All through the 1970s I spent every penny That I could on records . In the early 70s it was possible to buy out of date Pama 45s for 10p each in the supermarkets and I bought them by the bucket full . Hard to believe now that you could once buy 100 un played out of date reggae records for £10 . So please believe me when I list a record as High grade , Not a mark on it because This is one that I bought new in 1971 or 72 and have played maybe once or twice in its lifetime . Winners of many of my 45s would be the 2nd owner from new . So , This high grade 45 is in excellent condition . Not a mark on it . And has been played maybe twice in its lifetime .......Gerry .
January 01, 2017 - 08:00:29 PM GMT (over 1 year ago)
Single (7-Inch)


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