The Congos / Heart of the Congos 1978 Original Black Art Green Label

$127.50 USD
October 12, 2017 - 01:45:42 PM GMT (11 months ago)
The-congos-heart-of-the-congos-1978-original-black-art-green-label_33977675 The-congos-heart-of-the-congos-1978-original-black-art-green-label_33977677 The-congos-heart-of-the-congos-1978-original-black-art-green-label_33977680
The Congos / Heart of the Congos 1878 Black Art Green Label. 2nd and most elusive Jamaican press of this massively sought after Reggae / Roots classic. One of the greatest Reggae Albums ever! Cover: In great condition, minimal wear. Flat straight no warping, no stains. Slightest of bend marks on top left hand side. Minimal rubbing as seen in photos.US Record store sticker on rear. VG++ Record: Also in great condition. Very shiny and clean. Only a few hairlines on both sides. Plays fantastic both sides. Heard 3 clicks on side 1 which were very quiet. Otherwise great. VG++ Labels: EX Please note this record is located in AUSTRALIA. So disregard any of the Ebay listed shipping charges. Please contact me for a full shipping quote to your destination. Please note I will not ship to South America, Russia or Italy.
October 05, 2017 - 01:45:42 PM GMT (12 months ago)
The-congos-heart-of-the-congos-1978-original-black-art-green-label_33977681 The-congos-heart-of-the-congos-1978-original-black-art-green-label_33977682 The-congos-heart-of-the-congos-1978-original-black-art-green-label_33977683


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