The Beatles 1967-1970 2 LP excellent shape 'The Blue Album' SKBO 3404

$11.50 USD
March 20, 2017 - 10:58:35 PM GMT (about 1 year ago)
The-beatles-1967-1970-2-lp-excellent-shape-the-blue-album-skbo-3404_29463631 The-beatles-1967-1970-2-lp-excellent-shape-the-blue-album-skbo-3404_29463641 The-beatles-1967-1970-2-lp-excellent-shape-the-blue-album-skbo-3404_29463650
I'm not a record dealer. I'm just clearing out some duplicates or getting rid of a few records that I do not listen to any more. I'll do my best to give a fair rating on condition. I'll also do my best to fully disclose things that other sellers do not. LPs will be shipping outside of the outer sleeve to avoid any additional (if any) splits. The Beatles 1967-1970 2 LP excellent shape In amazing condition. I'd say this is more NM- but I'll go with excellent instead On Capitol EMISKBO 34041973 Record club: noVinyl: excellent to NM-, needs a cleaning. Very glossy.Outer jacket: no splits, SHINY!Inner sleeve: very clean Payment expected within 48 hours of close of auction (please). Shipping to lower 48 USA states only. PAYPAL only. Thank you.
March 13, 2017 - 10:58:35 PM GMT (about 1 year ago)
The-beatles-1967-1970-2-lp-excellent-shape-the-blue-album-skbo-3404_29463659 The-beatles-1967-1970-2-lp-excellent-shape-the-blue-album-skbo-3404_29463671 The-beatles-1967-1970-2-lp-excellent-shape-the-blue-album-skbo-3404_29463678 The-beatles-1967-1970-2-lp-excellent-shape-the-blue-album-skbo-3404_29463682 The-beatles-1967-1970-2-lp-excellent-shape-the-blue-album-skbo-3404_29463687 The-beatles-1967-1970-2-lp-excellent-shape-the-blue-album-skbo-3404_29463690 The-beatles-1967-1970-2-lp-excellent-shape-the-blue-album-skbo-3404_29463696


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