Superb collection of Iron Maiden 7" singles (25) and signed cassette tape

$414.92 USD
December 07, 2017 - 11:12:20 AM GMT (11 months ago)
Superb-collection-of-iron-maiden-7-singles-25-and-signed-cassette-tape_35313751 Superb-collection-of-iron-maiden-7-singles-25-and-signed-cassette-tape_35313753 Superb-collection-of-iron-maiden-7-singles-25-and-signed-cassette-tape_35313761
An opportunity to purchase a superb collection of IRON MAIDEN memorabilia. This is a gentleman's collection of 25 (twenty five) 7" singles who is now selling. The records are, as can be seen from the photos, all in excellent condition and include the 'SOUNDHOUSE TAPES' 7" single. This has the normal matrix numbers on and was purchased in 1979. The cassette was purchased on 22nd October, 1986 when the band performed at The Cornwall Coliseum near ST AUSTELL. The original signatures of Bruce Dickinson, Steve Harris, Adrian Smith and Dave Murray can be seen clearly on the cassette sleeve. Bidding starts at £1 with a reserve. Any questions please call JOHN MOORE on 07527 443808 Postage and packing would be via Royal Mail Special Delivery at £26.60. However, FREE if collecting in person from TRURO in Cornwall.
December 02, 2017 - 11:12:20 AM GMT (12 months ago)
Heavy Metal
Single (7-Inch)
Superb-collection-of-iron-maiden-7-singles-25-and-signed-cassette-tape_35313764 Superb-collection-of-iron-maiden-7-singles-25-and-signed-cassette-tape_35313765 Superb-collection-of-iron-maiden-7-singles-25-and-signed-cassette-tape_35313766 Superb-collection-of-iron-maiden-7-singles-25-and-signed-cassette-tape_35313767 Superb-collection-of-iron-maiden-7-singles-25-and-signed-cassette-tape_35313768 Superb-collection-of-iron-maiden-7-singles-25-and-signed-cassette-tape_35313769 Superb-collection-of-iron-maiden-7-singles-25-and-signed-cassette-tape_35313770 Superb-collection-of-iron-maiden-7-singles-25-and-signed-cassette-tape_35313771 Superb-collection-of-iron-maiden-7-singles-25-and-signed-cassette-tape_35313772


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