Scorpions Promo 45 Speedys Coming Side A Stereo Side B Mono Different Version 7"

$9.99 USD
October 12, 2017 - 10:54:31 PM GMT (12 months ago)
Scorpions-promo-45-speedys-coming-side-a-stereo-side-b-mono-different-version-7_33987451 Scorpions-promo-45-speedys-coming-side-a-stereo-side-b-mono-different-version-7_33987464
Super rare 45 from the Scorps. released in 1976 as a Promo on RCA. The version is a little different than the actual lp track from the Fly to the Rainbow lp. There seems to be a little different soloing by Uli Jon in parts. There a a few light markings on the 45 that DO NOT effect the play of the record. I give both sides a VG ++ to mint minus. Have never seen another one but then I have not seen everything. Side A is in Stereo and Side B is in Mono. It scares me to think that this version is 41 years old...Wow. Photo is of the actual record up for bid. See my feedback
October 05, 2017 - 10:54:31 PM GMT (12 months ago)


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