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March 20, 2017 - 02:29:01 AM GMT (about 1 year ago)
Ray-charles-yes-indeed-ultra-rare-orig-58-atlantic-black-label-mono-lp-nr-mint--2_29444036 Ray-charles-yes-indeed-ultra-rare-orig-58-atlantic-black-label-mono-lp-nr-mint--2_29444048 Ray-charles-yes-indeed-ultra-rare-orig-58-atlantic-black-label-mono-lp-nr-mint--2_29444053
WE CURRENTLY HAVE  MORE THAN 300  LISTED ITEMS Click here to see ALL our ROCK auctions Our PSYCH & PROGRESSIVE  auctions Our PUNK & NEW WAVE  auctions Our  JAZZ auctions Our BLUE NOTE JAZZ auctions  Our BLUES auctions Our CLASSICAL auctions Our COUNTRY auctions Our FUNK auctions Our LATIN auctions Our METAL auctionsOur REGGAE auctions Our SOUL auctions Our STILL SEALED ITEMS  Our PROMO auctions Our ACETATE  auctions Our TEST PRESSING  auctions  Our AUDIOPHILE auctions · RAY CHARLES with MICKEY BAKER,  SAM "THE MAN" TAYLOR,  DON WILKERSON, MARCUS BELGRAVE, DAVID NEWMAN AND THE RAELETTES, – YES, INDEED (RAY CHARLES’ SECOND - OR THIRD, DEPENDING ON WHO'S COUNTING AND HOW - STUDIO ALBUM)  – ORIGINAL 1957  ATLANTIC RECORDS MONO LP 8025 AUTOTEXTLIST  \* MERGEFORMAT  AUTOTEXTLIST  \* MERGEFORMAT  AUTOTEXTLIST  \* MERGEFORMAT  AUTOTEXTLIST  \* MERGEFORMAT  AUTOTEXTLIST  \* MERGEFORMAT · ORIGINAL U.S. PRESSING · ULTRA-RARE ORIGINAL  BLACK ATLANTIC MONO  LABEL WITH SILVER PRINT. · VERY RARE MONO PRESSING, MANY TIMES RARER THAN FAKE (“ELECTRONICALLY RECHANELLED”) STEREO · THIS IS THE ORIGINAL, AUTHENTIC, FIRST U.S. PRESSING; THIS IS NOT A REISSUE, AN IMPORT, OR A COUNTERFEIT PRESSING. · DEEP GROOVE PRESSING · ORIGINAL, THICK CARDBOARD COVER (AMERICAN STYLE) · FIRST VERSION OF THE COVER (WITH THE COLOR-SUPERIMPOSED IMAGE OF THE SCREAMING AUDIENCE , NOT THE SECOND VERSION WITH BROTHER RAY’S MONOCHROME CONCERT PHOTO ON THE FRONT COVER) · FIRST TITLE OF THE ALBUM ("YES, INDEED"), NOT A RENAMED REISSUE ("HALLELUJAH I LOVE HER SO) · ORIGINAL, THICK CARDBOARD COVER (AMERICAN STYLE) · ORIGINAL LAMINATED COVER · THICK, HEAVY VINYL PRESSING · CLEAN, WEAR-FREE LABELS · As far as we know, this album is currently out of print and unavailable on Compact Disc, or in any other format.  (PLEASE SEE THE IMAGE OF THE COVER, LABEL OR BOTH, SHOWN BELOW) (Note: this is a REAL image of the ACTUAL item you are bidding on. This is NOT a "recycled" image from our previous auction. What you see is what you’ll get.  GUARANTEED!) For additional historical or discography information on this album, including track listing click here TO SEE IF WE HAVE OTHER LISTED ITEMS BY THIS GROUP OR ARTIST   CLICK HERE · CONDITION: · RECORD  (IMPORTANT NOTE: unless otherwise noted, ALL records are graded visually, and NOT play-graded!; we  grade records under the strong, diffuse room light or discrete sunlight) (a) WE GRADE THE VINYL  AS  (WEAK) NEAR MINT. Some VERY LIGHT AND SUPERFICIAL abrasions – mostly sleeve scuffs -  are (barely) visible, but are probably inaudible,  and do not affect visual integrity or beauty of the vinyl. The original luster is very much intact, and the vinyl shines and sparkles almost like new. (b) The record comes in the original stock inner sleeve. (c) Mono pressing of this title is much rarer, and by far more  preferable to its FAKE ("electronically rechannelled") stereo counterpart. We estimate that FAKE stereo copies of this album outnumber monos by a ratio of at least 3:1. (d) The record has a "deep groove" (an indent in the label about 1/2-inch from the edge of the label, which on SOME labels is associated with very early or first pressings). (e) The record is pressed on a beautiful, thick, inflexible vinyl, which was usually used for the first or very early pressings. Usually, the sound on such thick vinyl pressings is full-bodied, vivid, and even dramatic. Do not expect to obtain such a majestic analog sound from a digital recording! (f) Mono pressing of this title is much rarer, and by far more  preferable to its FAKE ("electronically rechannelled") stereo counterpart. We estimate that FAKE stereo copies of this album outnumber monos by a ratio of at least 10:1. (g) Of course, this is a full-bodied ANALOG recording, and not an inferior, digital recording!!! · COVER (THIS IS THE ORIGINAL, LAMINATED, GLOSSY COVER): THE COVER IS NICE --- ABOUT VERY GOOD++ (VG++). The following flaws or imperfections are noted on the cover: - Cover has a partially split spine (less than 1 inch / 2.5 centimeters) - Cover has some light ring wear (nothing significant); On the scale from 1 to 10 (1 being the least, and  10 being the most severe), we assess the severity of ring wear as 1   (front side) and 4 (back side) - Back cover has circular tarnish (grayish, dust-covered sections, which closely follow the contour of the record),  probably caused by friction or by rubbing against other covers during the storage. The tarnish is similar in appearance to a common ring wear, but, UNLIKE ring wear, these grayish areas may be possible to clean up with a minor effort and with a right cleansing solution. - Cover shows some light yellowing on back side, apparently from aging  (nothing significant). - Cover has a few tiny wrinkles along the spine  (BARELY VISIBLE) - Cover has some fraying/wear along the spine - Cover has two corners slightly worn / dinged  / bent. - Minor shelf wear noted on the opening side (nothing significant) - Cover has a small quality control (inspection) stamp on the back panel   (BARELY VISIBLE) NO OTHER IMPERFECTIONS ON THE COVER: - No cut-out (drill) holes. - No cut-out corners - No saw-marks or indents - No writing - No peel-off marks - No stains - No mold or mildew spots - No stickers or labels - No water damage - No razor marks, scratches, pressure marks, lines, streaks, or  cuts. - No warping - No wax, glue, paint or liquid drops on the cover - No glue traces or wax residue. - No bar codes - No RIAA stamps or stickers.  POSTAGE & SHIPPING: We offer THREE postage rates for both Domestic and International Mail: Media Mail, Priority Mail and Express Mail for domestic, and First Class, Priority International Mail, and Express International Mail for international orders. INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS PLEASE NOTE: WE RECOMMEND that you pay for USPS International Priority Mail OR International Express mail when making a payment in order to obtain tracking information, which is NOT available for First Class International shipments. INTERNATIONAL POSTAGE rates vary from country to country. For SPECIFIC international and domestic postage rates click here. While you can be rest assured that our packaging is careful, sturdy and impact-proof, please note that damage, loss or theft in transit is always possible, and in the case of some countries even PROBABLE. To discuss this potential problem and ensure flawless delivery, please contact us thru eBay BEFORE placing a bid. WANT A DISCOUNT ?!?  IT’S EASY: CLICK HERE TO see HOW! (please note recent changes in our policy) FOR OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION, CLICK ON THE LINKS BELOW: OUR VOLUME DISCOUNTS AND POSTAGE REBATES OUR GRADING POLICY ITEMS WE DO NOT GRADE HOW TO ACKNOWLEDGE WINNING BID OR RESOLVE A DISPUTE OUR PAYPAL “CHARGEBACK” POLICY ACCEPTABLE PAYMENT METHODS OUR REFUND POLICY POSTAGE RATES AND DISCLOSURES PAYMENT DEADLINES FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ) OUR REFUND POLICY : WE OFFER UNCONDITIONAL MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE WITHIN 30 DAYS FROM THE RECEIPT OF THE MERCHANDISE, NO QUESTIONS ASKED (THE BUYER PAYS FOR THE RETURN POSTAGE); Still sealed items MUST be returned sealed in order to be eligible for a refund Some restrictions apply. Please read our complete refund policy before placing a bid. Click here  for the full text of our policy © 2001,2007 MDJ. All rights reserved.
March 13, 2017 - 02:29:01 AM GMT (about 1 year ago)
33 RPM
Ray-charles-yes-indeed-ultra-rare-orig-58-atlantic-black-label-mono-lp-nr-mint--2_29444059 Ray-charles-yes-indeed-ultra-rare-orig-58-atlantic-black-label-mono-lp-nr-mint--2_29444063 Ray-charles-yes-indeed-ultra-rare-orig-58-atlantic-black-label-mono-lp-nr-mint--2_29444065 Ray-charles-yes-indeed-ultra-rare-orig-58-atlantic-black-label-mono-lp-nr-mint--2_29444071 Ray-charles-yes-indeed-ultra-rare-orig-58-atlantic-black-label-mono-lp-nr-mint--2_29444076 Ray-charles-yes-indeed-ultra-rare-orig-58-atlantic-black-label-mono-lp-nr-mint--2_29444081 Ray-charles-yes-indeed-ultra-rare-orig-58-atlantic-black-label-mono-lp-nr-mint--2_29444085 Ray-charles-yes-indeed-ultra-rare-orig-58-atlantic-black-label-mono-lp-nr-mint--2_29444088 Ray-charles-yes-indeed-ultra-rare-orig-58-atlantic-black-label-mono-lp-nr-mint--2_29444091


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