Original Golden Dawn - Power Plant, 1967, psych International Artists, no ACh

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May 20, 2017 - 01:21:52 AM GMT (about 1 year ago)
Original-golden-dawn-power-plant-1967-psych-international-artists-no-ach_30808192 Original-golden-dawn-power-plant-1967-psych-international-artists-no-ach_30808206 Original-golden-dawn-power-plant-1967-psych-international-artists-no-ach_30808219
Original Golden Dawn, Power Plant LP from 1967. Classic psych on the legendary International Artists label. Original International Artists pressing with NO "ACh" suffix or "Masterphonics" in the dead wax. "IA LP 1" press. Cover: NM (still in the shrink)Labels: NMVinyl*: EXC+ (some nearly-invisible micro-scratches; nothing close to feelable)Sound**: NM * Most records have production marks where someone touched or moved the vinyl while it was still semi-soft. These marks look like smudges, but are not scratches or "paper scuffs" and do not sound. Untouched vinyl from newly-opened records have these marks. I only downgrade if the marks are excessive and/or unsightly or if they are audible in any way. ** I sound-sample both sides of every LP. I don't play the entire record, but sample at least three places each side, checking intros, quiet spots and a few divisions between tracks. I ship anywhere in the world. Combined shipping is no problem.
May 13, 2017 - 01:21:52 AM GMT (about 1 year ago)


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