Motley Crue Too Fast For Love LP odd CANADA press (wrong tracks) PROMO COPY !!

$103.62 USD
August 13, 2017 - 04:40:25 AM GMT (11 months ago)
Motley-crue-too-fast-for-love-lp-odd-canada-press-wrong-tracks-promo-copy_32658352 Motley-crue-too-fast-for-love-lp-odd-canada-press-wrong-tracks-promo-copy_32658370 Motley-crue-too-fast-for-love-lp-odd-canada-press-wrong-tracks-promo-copy_32658387
Record is EX, it only has a plain paper sleeve - no inserts. Cover is EX, except for a small cut beginning on the top center, and also title spine of the cover - hard to see unless you look from inside the cover. This was obviously sent within the cover (which I would never do). My camera wouldn't help much to show this... Also, some mild spine wear here and there. Still not bad... The cover has the Leathur track Stick To Your Guns, but it isn't on the label - I'm sure Crue fans will identify this much better than I could... I will only send to a confirmed PayPal address within the lower 48 States. I always remove the records from the sleeves when mailing !! UPDATE: I wanted to see what the disc actually played on side 2, not to mention I just hooked up my new turntable... The tracks listed on the labels are correct, even though the cover is still wrong. I just played the record twice and it sounds great !!
August 06, 2017 - 04:40:25 AM GMT (12 months ago)
Motley-crue-too-fast-for-love-lp-odd-canada-press-wrong-tracks-promo-copy_32658393 Motley-crue-too-fast-for-love-lp-odd-canada-press-wrong-tracks-promo-copy_32658401 Motley-crue-too-fast-for-love-lp-odd-canada-press-wrong-tracks-promo-copy_32658404 Motley-crue-too-fast-for-love-lp-odd-canada-press-wrong-tracks-promo-copy_32658406 Motley-crue-too-fast-for-love-lp-odd-canada-press-wrong-tracks-promo-copy_32658407


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