Mellow Candle LP Swaddling Songs UK Deram 1972 PRESS CORRECT 1st Press Machine

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August 12, 2017 - 07:34:39 PM GMT (11 months ago)
Mellow-candle-lp-swaddling-songs-uk-deram-1972-press-correct-1st-press-machine_32650758 Mellow-candle-lp-swaddling-songs-uk-deram-1972-press-correct-1st-press-machine_32650759 Mellow-candle-lp-swaddling-songs-uk-deram-1972-press-correct-1st-press-machine_32650760
Check out my other itemsHi again everyone yes here we go again.Seems to confusion over postage please let me explain:for every £1.00 shipping i get from the buyer (This is a breakdown and not the actual cost of shipping)Ebay & Paypal charge me 14.50p to receive it with paypal receiving fee & ebay charge me 9.5% fvf fee on it,yes thats what happens.I pay 75p for plastic sleeve,Top quality cruciform & 2 stiffeners in order for the parcel to arrive in the condition it should do;So please understand these costs i incur before i even pay for the postage.So thats not including tape,petrol etc etc that goes on top,so please bear this in mind before asking why shipping is expensive,i do not profit from shipping all i aim to do is make sure it does not cost me money i do not think thats unreasonable. Ive set my ebay to open a dispute 7 days after sale,im more than happy to hold on to post cheaper for you but please pay and tell me and i will hold the records and as you win more i will alter the postage to make it cheaper for you,im sorry to have to do this but i cannot swallow these costs any more.Please note I only ever grade a record mint if its sealed. Due to the latest increase yet again by ebay for their listing fee charges ive got no choice but to be more selective about what titles i offer,trouble is listing a record for 99p they charge 35p to list it and if it only sells for that im lucky to get 50p back after their fvf fees and paypal recieving fees,its a shame but thats how it is. Also Royal mail have yet again increased the postage fees so unfortunately ive got to slightly increase mine uk buyers the price has not been changed its europe and rest of world that they have raised only. Please note it has come to my attention that some people cannot read the description in my listings this is because you are using firefox or safari,if you use google chrome etc etc you will be able to read my description,theres nothing I can do about it. Band:Mellow candleTitle:Swaddling songsLabel:UK original Deram 1972 press with correct machine stamped 1st press matrix numbers side 1 being ZAL-11141 P-1W and side 2 being ZAL-11142 P-2W,correct textured labels and not the bootleg pressing or later second pressingCatologue Number:SDL 7Play Grades:PLAYED THROUGH ON MY HIGH END CLEARAUDIO SYSTEM AND THE AUDIO IS NEAR MINT BRILLIANT AUDIO YOU CANNOT FAULT ITVinyl Visual:Under my mega strong light that misses nothing just very very fine light hairlines so VG+ and to be honest i know most would grade EX or above on ebayFront cover:Correct Robert Stace original UK 1st pressing sleeve is Really nice considering the state these turn up in this is a much better one top right corner has a tiny little square course feel to it when felt with your finger but has not scuffed and still retains the deram symbol and theres just a very very tiny little discolouring to the white but really its me being honest and its a very fine exampleSpine:FULLY READABLE except the w in swaddling songs rest is crisp clearBack cover:Really nice just the tiniest ring line rest is beautiful see pictureInside gatefold is EX Comes with MFSL Plastic inner in order to give the record maximum protection. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS RECORD WILL BE PACKED IN FRONT OF MY POST MISTRESS AND SECURITY MARKED WHICH IN NO WAY IS VISIBLE AND WITNESSED IF FOR ANY REASON IT IS RETURNED IT WILL BE OPENED IN FRONT OF HER AND WITNESSED,IM SORRY TO HAVE TO SAY THIS AND I KNOW MOST BUYERS ARE GREAT BUT THERE ARE A FEW WHO SPOIL IT AND I WILL NOT BE CONNED,DUE TO THE VALUE I WILL NOT POST THIS TO BRAZIL OR ANY SOUTH AMERICAN COMPANY. FURTHERMORE I DO HAVE A BUYER IN 12 WEEKS SO WILL ONLY BE OFFERED THE ONE TIME. Terms of sale please read carefully:1:All records are graded under a Policemans home office torch NOT daylight so accurate visual description assured.I just cannot believe the amount of so called Mint records that are sold are genuine mint copies its impossible to get that many mint old copies!!! here i grade properly,and VG+ or VG does not mean its knackered,I grade in line with UK record collector grading system as follows:Mt = Mint: Never been played or item still sealed. Cover and any extra items such as lyric sheet, booklet or poster (ie contents) are in perfect condition. Mt- = Near Mint: In brand new condition with no surface marks or deterioration in sound quality. Cover and contents nearly perfect. Ex = Excellent: Shows some signs of being played but there is very little lessening in sound quality. Cover and contents might have slight wear and/or creasing. VG+ = Better than Very Good: Obviously been played but no significant deterioration in sound quality despite light surface marks. Very little wear and tear on cover and contents, without any major defects. VG = Very Good: Obviously been played many times but no major deterioration in sound quality despite noticeable surface marks and occasional light scratch. Normal wear and tear on cover or contents, without any major defects. Gd+ = Better than Good: Sound quality has deteriorated but with no distortion. Light scratches and occasional mild scratch. Cover and contents suffer from folding, scuffing of edges but not spine splits or discoloration. Gd = Good: Sound quality has noticably deteriorated, perhaps with some distortion. Mild scratches. Cover and contents suffer from folding, scuffing of edges, spine splits, discoloration etc. Fair: Still just playable but has not been cared for properly and displays considerable surface noise - it may even jump. Cover and contents will be torn, stained and/or defaced. Poor: Will not play properly due to scratches, bad surface noise etc. Cover and contents will be badly damaged or partly missing. 2:Postage all records are packed in sturdy cruciforms and stiffeners,i do know about taking records out of sleeve and packing properly i do it all the time so please you do not need to waste your time sending me emails about it and 99% of records are posted within 24 hours very rarely 48 hours.UK postage tracking goes on order page that day,out of uk can take 3 or 4 days for tracking to go on order page as i use drop & go and only get foreign tracking once a week.3:Partial refunds i will not get into a dispute over partial refunds,if you are unhappy please notify me and ill do all i can to sort it out but iam not being blackmailed with negative feedback if i do not give a partial refund4:I do offer combined postage it is 50p for uk & 2 pounds for each additional record for europe and 3 pounds for rest of world.Please request total when finished & i will combine and send invoice,please do not pay it all & expect me to refund as i will not do it as ebay charge me 9% to recieve postage payments.Please note once the parcel weighs over 2 kilos the price changes please contact me for details on this.5:Please note buyers are responsible for all custom duties/import charges if any in their own country its not my responsibility. Please note it has come to my attention that some people cannot read the description in my listings this is because you are using firefox or safari,if you use google chrome etc etc you will be able to read my description,theres nothing I can do about it.
August 02, 2017 - 07:34:39 PM GMT (11 months ago)
Mellow-candle-lp-swaddling-songs-uk-deram-1972-press-correct-1st-press-machine_32650761 Mellow-candle-lp-swaddling-songs-uk-deram-1972-press-correct-1st-press-machine_32650762 Mellow-candle-lp-swaddling-songs-uk-deram-1972-press-correct-1st-press-machine_32650763 Mellow-candle-lp-swaddling-songs-uk-deram-1972-press-correct-1st-press-machine_32650772 Mellow-candle-lp-swaddling-songs-uk-deram-1972-press-correct-1st-press-machine_32650786 Mellow-candle-lp-swaddling-songs-uk-deram-1972-press-correct-1st-press-machine_32650791 Mellow-candle-lp-swaddling-songs-uk-deram-1972-press-correct-1st-press-machine_32650796 Mellow-candle-lp-swaddling-songs-uk-deram-1972-press-correct-1st-press-machine_32650801


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