Mega Rare Private Press Funk / Modern Soul Lp Pure Release, On The Loose, 1980

$511.99 USD
November 14, 2017 - 07:31:19 PM GMT (11 months ago)
Mega-rare-private-press-funk-modern-soul-lp-pure-release-on-the-loose-1980_34741390 Mega-rare-private-press-funk-modern-soul-lp-pure-release-on-the-loose-1980_34741398 Mega-rare-private-press-funk-modern-soul-lp-pure-release-on-the-loose-1980_34741402
No reserve auction. What we have up for auction is a “Holy Grail” Mega Rare Private Press, Modern Soul / Funk LP. Pure Release “On The Loose” on Release Records, self produced by the band. This is a Los Angeles band, featuring Jimmy Fernandez on vocals. This record is so rare, it only comes on the market every few years. It is so rare, that if you research this record you will find the only copies for sale online carry a $600.00 to $700.00 price. This is NOT a perfect copy, see all pictures and read condition description below. I am a record collector of over 25 years, not some grandma listing rare records that have value. Returns will not be accepted, as is condition. This record is very rare and has never been reissued! RECORD CONDITION: G+ No warp, nice and flat. It has lots of smalls surface scratches and scuffs, and needle scratches. I played it twice all the way through, both sides on a Techniques turntable with a good needle. It plays well, no skips. There is audible surface noise, (Light crackles, no heavy pops or hiss) in between songs and on the one slow ballad song. The noise wasn’t bad on the fast, funky songs. But there are crackles from so many light scratches. In my opinion it is not “Burned” from being played too much, but I think this was a DJ record at one time. As a collector if I thought the surface noise was too bad, I would not be selling it online. This is an acceptable playing copy for a collector. SEE MY OTHER LISTINGS FOR MORE RECORDS LIKE THIS. COVER CONDITION: Cover is G+. The spines are starting to split, wear on cover, and damage on lower left front cover. No water damage. SHIPPING: Ships First Class in the USA. Ships two to three days from payment date. I do combine ship wait for invoice before payment. Ships poly bagged in a cardboard lp mailer with extra cardboard. Lp ships out of sleeve to prevent further cover splitting. Ships International to specific countries only cost varies. Ships First Class International only.
November 07, 2017 - 07:31:19 PM GMT (12 months ago)
Mega-rare-private-press-funk-modern-soul-lp-pure-release-on-the-loose-1980_34741413 Mega-rare-private-press-funk-modern-soul-lp-pure-release-on-the-loose-1980_34741423 Mega-rare-private-press-funk-modern-soul-lp-pure-release-on-the-loose-1980_34741427 Mega-rare-private-press-funk-modern-soul-lp-pure-release-on-the-loose-1980_34741430 Mega-rare-private-press-funk-modern-soul-lp-pure-release-on-the-loose-1980_34741432 Mega-rare-private-press-funk-modern-soul-lp-pure-release-on-the-loose-1980_34741439 Mega-rare-private-press-funk-modern-soul-lp-pure-release-on-the-loose-1980_34741447


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