MEET THE BEATLES STEREO - Rare SEALED! No George Martin Credit #3 RIAA ST 2047

$375.00 USD
December 07, 2017 - 02:00:43 PM GMT (11 months ago)
Meet-the-beatles-stereo-rare-sealed-no-george-martin-credit-3-riaa-st-2047_35315317 Meet-the-beatles-stereo-rare-sealed-no-george-martin-credit-3-riaa-st-2047_35315323 Meet-the-beatles-stereo-rare-sealed-no-george-martin-credit-3-riaa-st-2047_35315331
This album was purchased new by a family member who was a collector. It has been in his or my possession continuously since 1964. It has never been opened. I believe it is a first pressing, based on the lack of George Martin credits, the "3" in the lower right and the blue sleeve just visible in the small gap in the shrink wrap. Of course, I cannot look at the record label without unsealing it. Few of the early pressings of this album were stereo, and hardly any are available still unopened. This is a special record, and would make a great Christmas present for that Beatles fan in your life. I am not a record expert, and do not claim to grade it, but I have been told this is likely to be a first pressing by a Beatles expert. I have tried to provide good photos for you to judge the quality yourself. Note the breath holes and the original store label. Please ask if you have any questions. I can send other photo's if you cannot get a good sense for this album with the photo's I've taken. And since I cannot open it to provide additional information, make your purchase decision based the photographs. Returns only if it is returned in exactly the same condition as the photos.
November 30, 2017 - 02:00:43 PM GMT (12 months ago)
Meet-the-beatles-stereo-rare-sealed-no-george-martin-credit-3-riaa-st-2047_35315343 Meet-the-beatles-stereo-rare-sealed-no-george-martin-credit-3-riaa-st-2047_35315349 Meet-the-beatles-stereo-rare-sealed-no-george-martin-credit-3-riaa-st-2047_35315351 Meet-the-beatles-stereo-rare-sealed-no-george-martin-credit-3-riaa-st-2047_35315354 Meet-the-beatles-stereo-rare-sealed-no-george-martin-credit-3-riaa-st-2047_35315357 Meet-the-beatles-stereo-rare-sealed-no-george-martin-credit-3-riaa-st-2047_35315362


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