Lot of 4 LPs Feedbands pristine condition Sound Hound Smith Kings of Spade...

$12.00 USD
August 13, 2017 - 12:26:43 AM GMT (11 months ago)
Lot-of-4-lps-feedbands-pristine-condition-sound-hound-smith-kings-of-spade_32655185 Lot-of-4-lps-feedbands-pristine-condition-sound-hound-smith-kings-of-spade_32655195 Lot-of-4-lps-feedbands-pristine-condition-sound-hound-smith-kings-of-spade_32655200
Four albums from my Feedbands subscription. All are well mastered disks and great sound quality. Some have certificates that indicate what album number they are in their limited run. All have plastic cover protectors and sleeves with inner plastic for protection. I only played each a few times on a high quality system, guaranteed, no crappy players have touched them. Thanks for looking!
August 06, 2017 - 12:26:43 AM GMT (12 months ago)
Lot-of-4-lps-feedbands-pristine-condition-sound-hound-smith-kings-of-spade_32655206 Lot-of-4-lps-feedbands-pristine-condition-sound-hound-smith-kings-of-spade_32655212 Lot-of-4-lps-feedbands-pristine-condition-sound-hound-smith-kings-of-spade_32655221


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