LED ZEPPELIN uk 1st TURQUOISE cover (588171) A1/B1 EX/EX **STUNNING**

$1,002.36 USD
October 12, 2017 - 10:07:00 PM GMT (12 months ago)
Led-zeppelin-uk-1st-turquoise-cover-588171-a1-b1-ex-ex-stunning_33987116 Led-zeppelin-uk-1st-turquoise-cover-588171-a1-b1-ex-ex-stunning_33987120 Led-zeppelin-uk-1st-turquoise-cover-588171-a1-b1-ex-ex-stunning_33987124
ARTIST: LED ZEPPELIN TITLE: LED ZEPPELIN CATALOGUE NUMBER: 588171 MATRIX NUMBERS: SIDE 1: 588171 A//1 SIDE 2: 588171 B//1 Selling this MONSTER RARE uk copy of led zeppelins debut album with the TURQUOISE text on the cover and SUPERHYPE label credits on labels and UNCORRECTED matrixes COVER: EX The fully laminated cover is generally in nice condition, there is the usual bit of laminate lifting next to the spine and also some creases. .but no tears, stickers, writing or edge splits...some of the corner tips have a little rubbing (please see pictures) but overall its a nice cover LABELS: NM The atlantic labels with the SUPERHYPE credit are clean with no damage RECORD: EX The record has full gloss and shine with no nasty scratches ..look under strong light and you can see a few whispy hairlines...it is unwarped and plays really well with no sound distortion and it does not stick or jump Post is UK £4 EUROPE £9 ELSEWHERE £13
October 09, 2017 - 10:07:00 PM GMT (12 months ago)
LP (12-Inch)
Led-zeppelin-uk-1st-turquoise-cover-588171-a1-b1-ex-ex-stunning_33987133 Led-zeppelin-uk-1st-turquoise-cover-588171-a1-b1-ex-ex-stunning_33987142 Led-zeppelin-uk-1st-turquoise-cover-588171-a1-b1-ex-ex-stunning_33987145 Led-zeppelin-uk-1st-turquoise-cover-588171-a1-b1-ex-ex-stunning_33987146 Led-zeppelin-uk-1st-turquoise-cover-588171-a1-b1-ex-ex-stunning_33987152


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