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December 06, 2017 - 10:00:14 PM GMT (12 months ago)
Led-zeppelin-living-lovin-maid-ramble-on-1970-peru-ps-7-at-7050_35306404 Led-zeppelin-living-lovin-maid-ramble-on-1970-peru-ps-7-at-7050_35306424 Led-zeppelin-living-lovin-maid-ramble-on-1970-peru-ps-7-at-7050_35306443
IRON MAIDEN "POWERSLAVE" DIFFERENT PINK BACK COVER PERU Welcome to all ebayers in the world! YOU ARE BIDDING ON LED ZEPPELIN "ADORABLE MUCAMA/ VAGANDO" MEGARARE ATLANTIC PERU #AT 7050 (1970) EL VIRREY PERU 7" WITH PICTURE SLEEVE Impossible to find!!! This particular item was found weeks ago and was belonged to old Manager of El Virrey Peruvian Industry ATLANTIC Peru (under EL VIRREY in Peru) used a sexy nude girls/groupies image who are holding a big vinyl. The sleeve only shows the track Living Lovin' Maid in spanish "ADORABLE MUCAMA" , however, the exact translate in spanish must have been "AMOROSA MUCAMA". On labels: The A-Side "LIVING LOVIN' MAID" appears without the phrase (she's just a woman). The B-Side is "RAMBLE ON" but for error the company used the word "ROAM" in spanish : "VAGANDO", instead of RAMBLE ON. So, this is -obviously- a factory error pressing or wrong decision at factory pressing time. This original issue from 1970 was the second Led Zeppelin single in Peru. The first was "whole lotta love" (with PS too) which contains the code number ALT 7035. Finally, when first pressings have this kind of mistakes (like this B-Side name) the companies usually take a decision to destroy the items and the promo picture sleeves, which explains that nowadays there are not copies of this Stock. Vinyl looks in VG (with light scratches but plays fine) Labels in VG to VG+ conditions Orig Sleeve looks in solid VG The picture sleeve presents many stains/ spots with the passing of years but looks great, in solid VG (please check the pics). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: Welcome serious bidders. The item is in Peru. Please only bid if you are agree with the shipping costs, base price, description, pics and other elements of this auction. Many thanks and happy bidding Don't Miss The Opportunity To Win This Incredible Item Only for TOP Collectors!! Note: please email me first if you have less feedback than 5 SHIPPING COSTS: Only First Class Registered Mail Service; insurance including RECORDS AMERICA REST OF THE WORLD 1 Single 7" $ 12.00 $ 12.00 2 or 3 Singles 7" $ 16.00 $ 16.00 1 LP 12" = 1 LP+1 Single 7" $ 25.00 $ 25.00 2 to 3 LP's $ 40.00 $ 40.00 4 to 7 LP's $ 55.00 $ 57.00 12 to 19 LP's $ 64.00 $ 68.00 .To USA with insurance: $ 12.00* (*) US$ 4.00 without insurance wich appears first is only price USA location to other USA location. In this case US$12.00 with insurance because the item is in Peru. Thanks for your understanding. .Worldwide with insurance: $ 12.00 A Single with box weight approximately 100 grams Each Order is Carefully hand Packaged and Protected for Safe Transit with Attention to Detail. Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed. PAYMENT BY: P A Y P A L Other payment methods like cash or moneybookers are welcome too. Thanks for looking - Good Luck and Happy Bidding! "Without music life would be a mistake" Only the music is able to perform the miracle of making it invisible the corporeal elements. Only music discover the hidden side of reality, only music can travel to eternity and back. (D.R.)
November 29, 2017 - 10:00:14 PM GMT (12 months ago)
Led-zeppelin-living-lovin-maid-ramble-on-1970-peru-ps-7-at-7050_35306453 Led-zeppelin-living-lovin-maid-ramble-on-1970-peru-ps-7-at-7050_35306471 Led-zeppelin-living-lovin-maid-ramble-on-1970-peru-ps-7-at-7050_35306492


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