Introducing the Beatles - RARE AD BACK - Mono LP VJ Vee-Jay Version 1 Oval Logo

$635.00 USD
July 17, 2017 - 01:00:51 PM GMT (11 months ago)
Introducing-the-beatles-rare-ad-back-mono-lp-vj-vee-jay-version-1-oval-logo_32097932 Introducing-the-beatles-rare-ad-back-mono-lp-vj-vee-jay-version-1-oval-logo_32097935 Introducing-the-beatles-rare-ad-back-mono-lp-vj-vee-jay-version-1-oval-logo_32097941
Introducing the Beatles - RARE AD BACK - Mono LP VJ Vee-Jay Version 1 Oval Logo Sleeve is in VG condition. Rub wear on front, some wear and tear on back. Corners are worn. No splits but wear is visible on top and bottom. Original inner sleeve included. Record is in VG condition. Plays with only minor surface noise. Version 1 track listing including 'Love Me Do' & 'P.S. I Love You'. Some wisps & small scratches..nothing major. Vacuum cleaned. This is the very rare and hard to find first issue Ad Back cover. I just saw one sell for $2500 a few days ago. It was in better condition than this one, so, I have priced it accordingly. Honestly, this is hard to find in any condition. This is authentic and legit. It passes all the 'real deal' tests. Will ship very well protected and insured.
July 10, 2017 - 01:00:51 PM GMT (12 months ago)
Introducing-the-beatles-rare-ad-back-mono-lp-vj-vee-jay-version-1-oval-logo_32097950 Introducing-the-beatles-rare-ad-back-mono-lp-vj-vee-jay-version-1-oval-logo_32097953 Introducing-the-beatles-rare-ad-back-mono-lp-vj-vee-jay-version-1-oval-logo_32097959 Introducing-the-beatles-rare-ad-back-mono-lp-vj-vee-jay-version-1-oval-logo_32097962 Introducing-the-beatles-rare-ad-back-mono-lp-vj-vee-jay-version-1-oval-logo_32097965 Introducing-the-beatles-rare-ad-back-mono-lp-vj-vee-jay-version-1-oval-logo_32097968 Introducing-the-beatles-rare-ad-back-mono-lp-vj-vee-jay-version-1-oval-logo_32097971 Introducing-the-beatles-rare-ad-back-mono-lp-vj-vee-jay-version-1-oval-logo_32097973 Introducing-the-beatles-rare-ad-back-mono-lp-vj-vee-jay-version-1-oval-logo_32097976


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