Guided by Voices Robert Pollard Propeller #119/500 original LP 1st pressing

$2,017.00 USD
November 14, 2017 - 03:00:01 AM GMT (about 1 year ago)
Guided-by-voices-robert-pollard-propeller-119-500-original-lp-1st-pressing_34730436 Guided-by-voices-robert-pollard-propeller-119-500-original-lp-1st-pressing_34730455 Guided-by-voices-robert-pollard-propeller-119-500-original-lp-1st-pressing_34730501
For your consideration is Propeller 119/500. After getting stopped in my tracks at a Tower Records while Box was playing overhead . . . I just had to have all the original vinyl. And then came Propeller. This copy has no particular provenance of which I am aware. An eBay record seller in Michigan sold it to me (unsealed) long long ago. I cracked a beer and played it once. Since then it has stood alongside my other LPs, on a shelf high up, out of the sun. Judge for yourself the condition of the record. I am not a record seller or grader, and will not offer any opinions other than the record is neither scratched nor warped. Seems we're only allowed 12 pictures, so I've omitted some of the corner pictures. Each corner pretty much looks like the others (pictured). Shipping is included. It will be double boxed and insured. Questions welcomed - but please ASK BEFORE bidding. No reserve. The club is open.
November 04, 2017 - 03:00:01 AM GMT (about 1 year ago)
Guided-by-voices-robert-pollard-propeller-119-500-original-lp-1st-pressing_34730600 Guided-by-voices-robert-pollard-propeller-119-500-original-lp-1st-pressing_34730623 Guided-by-voices-robert-pollard-propeller-119-500-original-lp-1st-pressing_34730651 Guided-by-voices-robert-pollard-propeller-119-500-original-lp-1st-pressing_34730678 Guided-by-voices-robert-pollard-propeller-119-500-original-lp-1st-pressing_34730706 Guided-by-voices-robert-pollard-propeller-119-500-original-lp-1st-pressing_34730749 Guided-by-voices-robert-pollard-propeller-119-500-original-lp-1st-pressing_34730789 Guided-by-voices-robert-pollard-propeller-119-500-original-lp-1st-pressing_34730822 Guided-by-voices-robert-pollard-propeller-119-500-original-lp-1st-pressing_34730837


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