Earl Cunningham ‎– Words Of The Father / VG / Listen

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March 20, 2017 - 02:41:34 PM GMT (about 1 month ago)
Earl-cunningham-words-of-the-father-vg-listen_29451376 Earl-cunningham-words-of-the-father-vg-listen_29451379
isnw_ecp isnw_ecp isnw_ecp Earl Cunningham ‎– Words Of The FatherLabel:D.E.B. Music ‎– noneFormat:Vinyl, 7" Country:JamaicaReleased: Genre:ReggaeStyle:Roots ReggaeTracklistAWords Of The FatherBVersion Bid With Confident THANKS for your BUSINESS EXTRA COMMENTS" ALL ITEMS CONDITIONS OR USED & NEW " /( WARNING WARNING ) Please Pay Within 3 to 5 Days , After 7 Days Without Payment Ebay Auto Dispute Set To All Items Will Be Open. Normal shipping is $10.00 U.S. the first 2 items Worldwide & 1.00 each additional (FedEx ) $55.00 to the U.S.A. Canada.& UK. The Rest of the World $60.00 (EMS) $25.00 to the U.K , Canada ,& U.S.A , The First 5 Items and $2.00 each Additional PLEASE L@@K FOR MORE AUCTION COMING YOUR WAY VG (VERY GOOD) Vinyl will have noticeable scratches or scuffs that cause minor surface noise, but do not overpower the music. There will be no skips. Vinyl may appear somewhat dull and grayish. Labels may have small tears, tape marks, larger writing, etc. but still easily legible. There may be wear or deformation of the spindle hole.  G (GOOD) Well-played, dull, grayish vinyl with deeper scratches and wear causing distracting surface noise (hisses, pops, cracks and other nasties). The record will still play through without any skips. Labels may be significantly defaced or damaged. F (FAIR) P(POOR) Unless the record is particularly rare, I would not try to sell a record in this condition. There will be major noise, surface damage, deep scratches, and skips. Attempting to listen to these discs will be painful. These discs are basically trash unless a collector desires one to fill a space in a collection until a better one comes along.     "DISHONESTY" and " HONESTY" a dishonest person will quick to judge others of not been honest BUT let every man be HONEST to him self then him will be HONEST to others DON'T used the paypal insured system to STEAL buyers know them self well for this act. " PAY me QUICK ITEMS must be paid for after at the end of all AUCTIONS so that item can be shipped in time ITEMS that take 1 WEEK to PAID for or LONGER will be RESELL to the SECOND buyer in LINE or RE-LISTED " please feel free to ask a questions at any given time " Contact # 1 876 596-7467 , Also Text Using WhatsApps
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