Dave Matthews Band Live Trax Volume 1 Blue RSD 4LP numbered vinyl NM

$477.99 USD
May 19, 2017 - 03:25:55 AM GMT (about 1 year ago)
Dave-matthews-band-live-trax-volume-1-blue-rsd-4lp-numbered-vinyl-nm_30793316 Dave-matthews-band-live-trax-volume-1-blue-rsd-4lp-numbered-vinyl-nm_30793319 Dave-matthews-band-live-trax-volume-1-blue-rsd-4lp-numbered-vinyl-nm_30793321
Up for sale is #475/500 of the very rare and limited Volume 1 of the DMB LIVE TRAX series, 12.08.98 - Centrum Centre - Worcester, MA After lining up for 5 hours in an absolutely freezing blizzard in Buffalo the morning of RSD April 2013 to get one of only two copies available (and being 2nd in line to do it), I'm reluctantly listing my copy so I can afford to buy a second subwoofer for my home theater. As much as I appreciate the effort that went into this release, separately mastering it for vinyl and the running times per side, I just don't really listen to live vinyl very often at all and outside of Seek Up this has only seen one play. I use my sub every day and have wanted a second one for years now, so the market value on this release will help me realize that purchase. Seek Up has been listened to three times, all other sides have been listened to once. So I can safely say not only is the vinyl in near mint (if you've listened to a record, you simply can no longer describe it as MINT according to Goldmine standards) condition but I've also play graded it as near mint. There are two blemishes on the box otherwise the covers are all NM also, those two blemishes can be seen in the final two pictures - 1) the beginnings of seam splits in the individual jackets which simply cannot be avoided with these box sets due to their fit and 2) a very tiny dent in the front cover visible in the final pic. I will ship worldwide unless you're in a dodgy country for post like Brazil, Italy or China. Just contact me for a quote and I'll charge you my cost. For Canada I will ship with insurance and tracking using Xpresspost for $20 flat rate. For USA I will ship with insurance and tracking using USPS Priority Mail (or better) for $20 flat rate if you don't mind waiting after auction end until June 15th when I'll be in the US and will mail it to you domestically - this saves you any customs issues/delays/fees. If you want it mailed from Canada I'll charge you my cost but expect it to be around US$40 or more as Canada Post have absurd shipping rates. If you choose to wait for domestic USA shipping let me invoice you and I'll put in a $20 flat rate.
May 12, 2017 - 03:25:55 AM GMT (about 1 year ago)
Dave-matthews-band-live-trax-volume-1-blue-rsd-4lp-numbered-vinyl-nm_30793322 Dave-matthews-band-live-trax-volume-1-blue-rsd-4lp-numbered-vinyl-nm_30793323 Dave-matthews-band-live-trax-volume-1-blue-rsd-4lp-numbered-vinyl-nm_30793324


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