Darker Than Blue - Soul From Jamdown - Rare Double Vinyl Lp - Reggae - PK

$70.57 USD
August 12, 2017 - 11:48:32 AM GMT (11 months ago)
Darker-than-blue-soul-from-jamdown-rare-double-vinyl-lp-reggae-pk_32641898 Darker-than-blue-soul-from-jamdown-rare-double-vinyl-lp-reggae-pk_32641912 Darker-than-blue-soul-from-jamdown-rare-double-vinyl-lp-reggae-pk_32641939
Ultra rare double vinyl version of reggae/soul compilation released in 2001 on PK records. Played once from new and then stored away carefully. Includes the brilliant Slipping into Darkness by Carl Bradney, Milton Henry's version of Gypsy Woman and other classics. See photos for full track listing. As new condition throughout. Slight creasing on insert, but was like this on original purchase. I remove records from sleeves when posting to prevent seam damage to the covers. Thanks for looking.
August 05, 2017 - 11:48:32 AM GMT (11 months ago)
Darker-than-blue-soul-from-jamdown-rare-double-vinyl-lp-reggae-pk_32641955 Darker-than-blue-soul-from-jamdown-rare-double-vinyl-lp-reggae-pk_32641967 Darker-than-blue-soul-from-jamdown-rare-double-vinyl-lp-reggae-pk_32641977 Darker-than-blue-soul-from-jamdown-rare-double-vinyl-lp-reggae-pk_32641984 Darker-than-blue-soul-from-jamdown-rare-double-vinyl-lp-reggae-pk_32642009


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