Cressida Asylum Vertigo Swirl 1st Pressing 6360 025 Ultra Rare 

$550.39 USD
December 06, 2017 - 08:10:52 PM GMT (11 months ago)
Cressida-asylum-vertigo-swirl-1st-pressing-6360-025-ultra-rare_35301835 Cressida-asylum-vertigo-swirl-1st-pressing-6360-025-ultra-rare_35301842 Cressida-asylum-vertigo-swirl-1st-pressing-6360-025-ultra-rare_35301848
Cressida - AsylumVertigo Swirl 6360 025 Matrix Numbers: Side A 6360025 1Y//1 420 11 1Side B 6360025 2Y//1 420 11 1 Sleeve: front cover is in excellent, minimal wear to edges and corners, tiny marks. Spine is sharp. Inside gatefold is very good. White colour is slightly dirty, some small rips near bottom edge of both sides as pictured. Back cover is good, top edge is slightly dirty, there is a black dot above the “um” in Asylum, there is a number written and a numbered sticker in the the top right corner. There is also a large tear on the right which it seems has been partially coloured in. Record: original Swirl inner sleeve. Labels in very good condition. Record well played, runout is well scratched. Many small light scratches on both sides with a handful of small deeper scratches mainly on side B. For more photos or questions please message.
November 26, 2017 - 08:10:52 PM GMT (12 months ago)
LP (12-Inch)
Cressida-asylum-vertigo-swirl-1st-pressing-6360-025-ultra-rare_35301855 Cressida-asylum-vertigo-swirl-1st-pressing-6360-025-ultra-rare_35301876 Cressida-asylum-vertigo-swirl-1st-pressing-6360-025-ultra-rare_35301903 Cressida-asylum-vertigo-swirl-1st-pressing-6360-025-ultra-rare_35301920 Cressida-asylum-vertigo-swirl-1st-pressing-6360-025-ultra-rare_35301930 Cressida-asylum-vertigo-swirl-1st-pressing-6360-025-ultra-rare_35301939 Cressida-asylum-vertigo-swirl-1st-pressing-6360-025-ultra-rare_35301949 Cressida-asylum-vertigo-swirl-1st-pressing-6360-025-ultra-rare_35301960 Cressida-asylum-vertigo-swirl-1st-pressing-6360-025-ultra-rare_35301976


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