Comus - First Utterance – Dawn – 1971 original 1st press UK – w. Insert – Superb

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November 14, 2017 - 03:30:31 AM GMT (about 1 year ago)
Comus-first-utterance-dawn-1971-original-1st-press-uk-w-insert-superb_34731069 Comus-first-utterance-dawn-1971-original-1st-press-uk-w-insert-superb_34731070 Comus-first-utterance-dawn-1971-original-1st-press-uk-w-insert-superb_34731081
First Utterance Comus 1971Label : DawnDNLS 3019Original stereo 1st pressing (UK)Complete with its original lyrics insert !Matrix S1 : DNLS 3019A - 3 *TMatrix S2 : DNLS 3019B - 3 *T RECORD GRADING (see photos) :This is a VERY RARE 1st press original copy in GREAT condition ! NO reserve price ! Cover : EXC+ (VG++)Close to NM ! Beautiful gatefold cover very well preserved.--- Front is EXC+ (VG++) : a very small label on bottom--- Back is NM--- Slices & Corners are EXC (VG+) : few very slight wear signs--- Inside is NM--- Original lyrics insert : Yes (very clean !)--- Original inner sleeve : Yes Audio : NM+ (superb)Could be graded as MINT !The sound quality is fantastic. Stunning condition.NO tics ; NO clicks ; NO skips ; NO surface noises. Visual : NM+ (superb)Could be graded as MINT !The vinyl is visually splendid. Stunning condition.NO scratches ; NO hairlines ; NO paper sleeve marks ; NO surface traces. Label : very clean !Just few extremely slight spindle marks. This LP has been played only a few times with extremely care ! See the grading policy in the store pages. All records are carefully inspected and listened before grading. So you can buy with confidence.
November 04, 2017 - 03:30:31 AM GMT (about 1 year ago)
Comus-first-utterance-dawn-1971-original-1st-press-uk-w-insert-superb_34731093 Comus-first-utterance-dawn-1971-original-1st-press-uk-w-insert-superb_34731107 Comus-first-utterance-dawn-1971-original-1st-press-uk-w-insert-superb_34731113 Comus-first-utterance-dawn-1971-original-1st-press-uk-w-insert-superb_34731138 Comus-first-utterance-dawn-1971-original-1st-press-uk-w-insert-superb_34731141 Comus-first-utterance-dawn-1971-original-1st-press-uk-w-insert-superb_34731143 Comus-first-utterance-dawn-1971-original-1st-press-uk-w-insert-superb_34731145


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