Complete Muse 7" vinyl collection 23 total box Resistance 2 signed Uno Muscle

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November 14, 2017 - 08:25:00 PM GMT (11 months ago)
Complete-muse-7-vinyl-collection-23-total-box-resistance-2-signed-uno-muscle_34741606 Complete-muse-7-vinyl-collection-23-total-box-resistance-2-signed-uno-muscle_34741633 Complete-muse-7-vinyl-collection-23-total-box-resistance-2-signed-uno-muscle_34741648
Complete original Muse 7" vinyl singles collection. Two are SIGNED - Uno and Muscle Museum. The foil bagged version of Invincible has been preserved unfolded but could easily be folded and put in the box too. The box is a custom decorated Covers33 7" case. All the records come stored record outside sleeve where possible i.e. when not sealed, sleeves in Japanese Mylar archival cover sleeves, the records in Analogue Seduction thick bag style sleeves where possible, both then in thick polythene sleeves. This means the records can easily be taken out and looked at whilst minimising risk of damage. I will include 5 spare sleeve sets for any future Muse 7" releases. Here are descriptions of the condition of each record. (1) Uno - NM/NM- and SIGNED! Tiny scuff on front of sleeve.(2) Cave - NM/NM(3) Muscle Museum (USA) - record Ex, small scuff and tiny hairline. Sleeve - Ex, some minor creasing, few tiny spots of a wear.(4) Muscle Museum (UK) - record NM. Sleeve NM-, minor wear and creasing. SIGNED!(5) Sunburn - record NM, sleeve Ex-, light wear, light creasing.(6) Unintended - record NM, NM- minuscule wear to one rear corner(7) Plug in baby - record Ex a few small scuffs, sleeve NM(8) Newborn - NM/NM(9) Bliss - Ex- small v.light scratch b-side, Ex- very light ring wear visible on rear, a few other minor marks too.(10) Feeling Good/Hyper Music - record Ex, small scuff at edge of Hyper Music. Sleeve - Ex- minor corner bend, some marks and minor ring wear on rear sleeve.(11) Dead Star / In Your World - record Ex few minor scuffs, some finger prints. Sleeve - Ex- very light ring wear under light, some creasing bottom right and left.(12) Time is Running Out - record NM, sleeve Ex-, sticker mark, small bit of wear, small defect beside logo.(13) Hysteria - NM/NM (14) Butterflies and Hurricanes - NM/NM(15) Sing for Absolution - Record - Ex, small defect at end of a-side. Sleeve - NM-(16) Supermassive Black Hole - Unopened, record NM. PVC sleeve with sticker at top which has small tear.(17) Starlight - Unopened NM/NM(18) Knights of Cydonia - Unopened NM/NM small bit of wear to sticker at top.(19) Invincible (picture disc) - Unopened NM/ sleeve Ex- tiny tear in sticker seam, split on bottom of PVC sleeve.(20) Invincible ( black vinyl, antistatic bag sleeve) - Unopened bag sleeve NM/NM(21) Uprising - Record Ex, few scuffs, fingerprints. Sleeve Ex minor damage to rear of sleeve.(22) Resistance - Record NM, sleeve Vg sticker damage and other sticker residue on sleeve. (See pictures)(23) Drones - Record NM, sleeve Vg small split at bottom of PVC sleeve, bit of sticker residue. Shipping worldwide. Unfortunately international shipping is expensive due to weight. It is cheaper to split it into 2 packages, so will be sent as 2 packages as this works out cheaper for buyer. Check my feedback. Any questions - just ask. See my other items for sale. Near Mint - Excellent - Very Good - Good - Fair - Poor
November 07, 2017 - 08:25:00 PM GMT (12 months ago)
Complete-muse-7-vinyl-collection-23-total-box-resistance-2-signed-uno-muscle_34741666 Complete-muse-7-vinyl-collection-23-total-box-resistance-2-signed-uno-muscle_34741696 Complete-muse-7-vinyl-collection-23-total-box-resistance-2-signed-uno-muscle_34741717 Complete-muse-7-vinyl-collection-23-total-box-resistance-2-signed-uno-muscle_34741736 Complete-muse-7-vinyl-collection-23-total-box-resistance-2-signed-uno-muscle_34741745 Complete-muse-7-vinyl-collection-23-total-box-resistance-2-signed-uno-muscle_34741754 Complete-muse-7-vinyl-collection-23-total-box-resistance-2-signed-uno-muscle_34741760 Complete-muse-7-vinyl-collection-23-total-box-resistance-2-signed-uno-muscle_34741769 Complete-muse-7-vinyl-collection-23-total-box-resistance-2-signed-uno-muscle_34741773


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