Clifford Brown Quartet Blue Note 10-inch LP jazz record 5047 nice Jazztime Paris

$1,535.00 USD
January 11, 2017 - 02:17:31 AM GMT (over 1 year ago)
Clifford-brown-quartet-blue-note-10-inch-lp-jazz-record-5047-nice-jazztime-paris_27713167 Clifford-brown-quartet-blue-note-10-inch-lp-jazz-record-5047-nice-jazztime-paris_27713179 Clifford-brown-quartet-blue-note-10-inch-lp-jazz-record-5047-nice-jazztime-paris_27713185
Up for auction is an amazing old jazz 10-inch LP I found at an estate sale. It's Clifford Brown Quartet's "Jazztime Paris," on the Blue Note label, BLP 5047. Original pressing with the Lexington Avenue address on the labels and the ear stamped in the wax. Beautifully clean record that sounds great. One side has a very, very faint hairline mark so I played that side and it plays with no surface noise. Bright clean labels and a lovely cover with minimal wear. Nice record with a great low opening bid.See my other music auctions. I'm happy to combine shipping for multiple wins. COMBINED SHIPPING: I'm happy to combine shipping. If you intend to bid on multiple records, please let me know when you're done and I'll send you an invoice with discounted shipping. Please don't pay as you go or else I'll be force to ship them because of ebay's new policy about requiring next-day shipping to maintain the top-seller discount. I try to describe my records carefully. If there are any issues, let me know. I'm willing to ship overseas, but please check with me first. I do, however, require that overseas bidders assume responsibility for the package once I've shipped it. I've shipped hundreds of packages overseas and most arrive with no problems. But once in awhile, something gets lost. I think it's unfair to expect me to give a refund when it's out of my hands, particularly with the added cost of shipping overseas. Thank you for your understanding.
January 04, 2017 - 02:17:31 AM GMT (over 1 year ago)
Clifford-brown-quartet-blue-note-10-inch-lp-jazz-record-5047-nice-jazztime-paris_27713193 Clifford-brown-quartet-blue-note-10-inch-lp-jazz-record-5047-nice-jazztime-paris_27713198 Clifford-brown-quartet-blue-note-10-inch-lp-jazz-record-5047-nice-jazztime-paris_27713203 Clifford-brown-quartet-blue-note-10-inch-lp-jazz-record-5047-nice-jazztime-paris_27713209 Clifford-brown-quartet-blue-note-10-inch-lp-jazz-record-5047-nice-jazztime-paris_27713213 Clifford-brown-quartet-blue-note-10-inch-lp-jazz-record-5047-nice-jazztime-paris_27713217 Clifford-brown-quartet-blue-note-10-inch-lp-jazz-record-5047-nice-jazztime-paris_27713219 Clifford-brown-quartet-blue-note-10-inch-lp-jazz-record-5047-nice-jazztime-paris_27713224 Clifford-brown-quartet-blue-note-10-inch-lp-jazz-record-5047-nice-jazztime-paris_27713227


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