C.A. Quintet - Trip Through Hell ORIG Vinyl LP Minneapolis Psychedelic Rock

$1,036.00 USD
July 17, 2017 - 01:00:26 AM GMT (11 months ago)
C-a-quintet-trip-through-hell-orig-vinyl-lp-minneapolis-psychedelic-rock_32091484 C-a-quintet-trip-through-hell-orig-vinyl-lp-minneapolis-psychedelic-rock_32091500
C.A. Quintet “Trip Thru Hell” (Candy Floss 7764) EX/G. Holy grail item in less-than-holy-grail condition. The amazing cover is in beautiful shape, with a near-perfect front, some very minor seam wear on the bottom and some fairly negligible small wrinkles on the back paste-on. The vinyl has some quite listenable passages but many others that have loud pops, some of which are repetitive and—quite frankly—annoying. Mint copies have been regularly fetching $4000-$5000 so the cover alone makes this quite the prestigious placeholder.
July 10, 2017 - 01:00:26 AM GMT (12 months ago)


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