Beatles White Album LP 1st UK MONO Ultra Rare Low Number 0001248 *TOP RARITY*

$1,566.76 USD
November 14, 2017 - 08:25:49 PM GMT (11 months ago)
Beatles-white-album-lp-1st-uk-mono-ultra-rare-low-number-0001248-top-rarity_34741658 Beatles-white-album-lp-1st-uk-mono-ultra-rare-low-number-0001248-top-rarity_34741680 Beatles-white-album-lp-1st-uk-mono-ultra-rare-low-number-0001248-top-rarity_34741705
Welcome to my auctions....The time has come to sell my huge record collection over the next weeks/ check out my other vinyl listed, more added each week. I am a private collector, selling my collection, I am not a dealer. Due to poor hearing, The record is sold as visually inspected so please base your bidding solely on this not what it might sound/play like. Even the most visually stunning record can have background noise, if you want perfect audio then please find another copy with audio gradings. The Beatles – White Album - Dark Apple labels - Mono - Earliest 1st UK Pressing – NO 'An EMI Recording' On any labels - Top Opening Sleeve – Very sought after Super Low Number....Numbered 0001248 – Original Black Inner Sleeves – 4 Photos – Original Poster - Original Fan Club Application from 1968 - Really Nice Condition OverallThis is a genuine LOW Numbered Top Opening 1st UK Press Sleeve, so many sellers use the phrase 'Low Number' when in the tens of thousands or Hundreds of thousands....But this is only just ove one thousand. These really low numbered sleeves just don't turn up, collectors seek them but majority of the time the lowest you will find is a 0020000 or 0030000 and they sell for hundreds. Well here is a true low numbered sleeve, complete with poster/black inners/a genuine fan club application from 1968 and the earliest possible Mono No 'An EMI Recording' Labelled vinlys, I have selected a starting price that reflects the rarity of this Complete Low Numbered Press and it's condition. I have seen many many copies with higher numbered sleeves in the same or sometimes worse condition sell for a lot more. If you would like to suggest a buy it now while there are no bids I will listen to sensible offers so you can secure it. 1968 XEX 709-1 XEX 710-1 XEX 711-1 XEX 712-1 All Sides Have No Deep Marks and No Deep Scratches, Side 1 and Side 2 have some light hairline/scratches, a few very light scuffs and some much fainter sleeve removal whispy marks all visually graded under strong artificial light, it has not been overplayed and it still has a nice shine. Side 3 has a couple of thin scratches, one across the whole side but its fine and non feeling as are the other marks, apart from those just some extremely faint sleeve removal whispy marks under strong artificial light. Side 4 has 2 small scratches, again non feeling and 2 very faint hairlines and some very very faint surface blemishes and extremely faint sleeve removal marks under strong artificial light. Again, both sides have a really nice shine. All 4 sides in normal light look really clean and shiny. A really Nice Example of these earliest pressings. All Labels have some signs of spiders legs under strong light. Very clean labels, No Damage.No Wear.No Writting. Really Great Labels Sleeve has some light wear but no rips/tears/writing or marks. Front of sleeve has very light signs of rubbing/ringwear, its still got a nice shine, a few extremely tiny creases from edges and is lightly discoloured (Not that they were ever bright white, this is slightly off white), has a few faint indentations when held in the light, Light wear to top left and right corners, rubbing to bottom left corner and bumping and a little creasing to bottom right corner.Top Opening edge has some handling wear/a little feathering and is a little grubby. Spine is still pretty solid and can still be read, a little bit of discolouration in places, Back again is clean and flat with only light rubbing/ringwear same as front, again it still has a nice shine, there are a couple of thumbnail creases near back opening edge, a few tiny creases from edges and like the front a couple of faint indentations visable held in the light. Inside is flat clean and glossy with a handful of faint light creases. A Very rare sleeve in really nice condition. It is not perfect but it is solid and clean considering how few real low number sleeves come for sale, it's one of the best you will find...see photos Original Black Inners are Flat, Clean and Undamaged, with very faint creasing. Not Far Off Perfect. 4 Photos are Unused, clean and flat with no damage. Poster again is unused, clean and flat, A Great Example with no damage/tears or writing.Original Beatles Fan Club Memebership Application form from 1968 is Unused and Perfect. Very Rare and Very Collectable and certainly only going to increase in value over the coming years as less and less true low numbers come up, Its a used but loved copy. I will describe any flaws such as wear to sleeves, scuffs, marks or scratches to vinyl and describe them honestly, if you expect a better condition than I have listed then you need to learn to read. I will grade based on visual inspection under artificial light. PLEASE remember this is Vinyl...even brand new vinyl can have clicks and pops...that's part of its charm...if you want perfect audio without background about CD's or MP3's? Due to my poor hearing, The record is sold as visually inspected so please base your bidding solely on this, in the event that a record may not play well or have background noise no refund will be given because I have no way of verifying and as such, if you place a bid you are acknowledging this With that said....many rarities will be listed, some fair condition some near mint. NO POSTAGE/SHIPPING TO ROMANIA Any questions...please ask. Premium quality record mailers will be used with 2 sheets of additional cardboard. All records are sent Sign For, Tracked and Insured for the purchase price, The postage cost reflects this.
November 07, 2017 - 08:25:49 PM GMT (12 months ago)
The Beatles
LP (12-Inch)
Beatles-white-album-lp-1st-uk-mono-ultra-rare-low-number-0001248-top-rarity_34741716 Beatles-white-album-lp-1st-uk-mono-ultra-rare-low-number-0001248-top-rarity_34741729 Beatles-white-album-lp-1st-uk-mono-ultra-rare-low-number-0001248-top-rarity_34741740 Beatles-white-album-lp-1st-uk-mono-ultra-rare-low-number-0001248-top-rarity_34741762 Beatles-white-album-lp-1st-uk-mono-ultra-rare-low-number-0001248-top-rarity_34741766 Beatles-white-album-lp-1st-uk-mono-ultra-rare-low-number-0001248-top-rarity_34741771 Beatles-white-album-lp-1st-uk-mono-ultra-rare-low-number-0001248-top-rarity_34741775 Beatles-white-album-lp-1st-uk-mono-ultra-rare-low-number-0001248-top-rarity_34741777 Beatles-white-album-lp-1st-uk-mono-ultra-rare-low-number-0001248-top-rarity_34741782


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