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March 20, 2017 - 03:15:01 PM GMT (about 1 year ago)
Beatles-please-please-me-uk-1st-mono-black-gold-early-stampers-1p-1l-nems-bag_29451818 Beatles-please-please-me-uk-1st-mono-black-gold-early-stampers-1p-1l-nems-bag_29451819 Beatles-please-please-me-uk-1st-mono-black-gold-early-stampers-1p-1l-nems-bag_29451821
I am selling my late Husbands record collection. I will be selling a few at a time. I cannot say how they play as I do not have a record player but am grading visually according to the rare record guide. I will grade cautiously. The Beatles Please Please Me Black and Gold labels PMC 1202 Dick James Credits 1st UK Pressing low stampers 1P 1L. Comes with original NEMS bag Cover EX- lovely example with correct Angus McBean position /Ernest J Day . Spine fully legible has small piece of laminate missing right edge as you look at the spine. Please Please me / Beatles lovely and clear. front laminate very nice, some laminate creasing but nothing too serious, still nice rich colours and shine. Back cover very nice and clean condition, flick backs complete all writing lovely and clear. All edges retain their laminate, apart from very small area on spine edge. Labels, original Black and Gold with 1st press Dick James Credits. side 1 Dick James credits out of line. Side 1 label is VG+ very little spindle wear and apart from a slightly faded area between 8.30 and 10 o'clock would be excellent. all lettering and stars are visible but slightly faded, see photo's. Side 2 labels EX with MT stamp Vinyl side 1 EX some visible light marks and very light lines, but nothing feel-able. retains nice dark sheen. Matrix XEX 421-1N Mother Stampers 1 |P Side 2 EX some visible light marks and very light lines, but nothing feel-able. Matrix XEX 422-1N 1 Mother Stampers 1 L. Vinyl is heavy, beautifully flat and a truly superb example of this iconic LP Explanation of the Stampers ; Parlophone Matrix, Mothers, Stampers and Tax Codes Recording The Disc For ... coding: G R A M O P H L T D (Gramophone Ltd) where G=1, R=2, A=3, M=4, O=5, P=6, H=7, L=8, T=9, D=0 so this copy is from the 1st Mother Stamper 1, with P=6th & L=8th, so nice and early Original Emitex, heavy paper, poly lined inner sleeve. Patents applied for Made in Great Britain. VG+ has yellowed but no rips or tears. NEMS Polythene bag in good condition, A rare complete copy, in wonderful condition. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or if you require more photo's. Please note I do not post to Russia, or South America, so please do not bid. Please contact me for cost of postage overseas
March 10, 2017 - 03:15:01 PM GMT (about 1 year ago)
LP (12-Inch)
33 RPM
Beatles-please-please-me-uk-1st-mono-black-gold-early-stampers-1p-1l-nems-bag_29451823 Beatles-please-please-me-uk-1st-mono-black-gold-early-stampers-1p-1l-nems-bag_29451825 Beatles-please-please-me-uk-1st-mono-black-gold-early-stampers-1p-1l-nems-bag_29451826 Beatles-please-please-me-uk-1st-mono-black-gold-early-stampers-1p-1l-nems-bag_29451828 Beatles-please-please-me-uk-1st-mono-black-gold-early-stampers-1p-1l-nems-bag_29451829 Beatles-please-please-me-uk-1st-mono-black-gold-early-stampers-1p-1l-nems-bag_29451830 Beatles-please-please-me-uk-1st-mono-black-gold-early-stampers-1p-1l-nems-bag_29451832 Beatles-please-please-me-uk-1st-mono-black-gold-early-stampers-1p-1l-nems-bag_29451833 Beatles-please-please-me-uk-1st-mono-black-gold-early-stampers-1p-1l-nems-bag_29451835


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