Beatles Hard Day's Night STEREO 1st Original UK MINT Condition+ Parlophone Flyer

$1,015.25 USD
September 12, 2017 - 04:05:37 PM GMT (11 months ago)
Beatles-hard-day-s-night-stereo-1st-original-uk-mint-condition-parlophone-flyer_33339897 Beatles-hard-day-s-night-stereo-1st-original-uk-mint-condition-parlophone-flyer_33339912 Beatles-hard-day-s-night-stereo-1st-original-uk-mint-condition-parlophone-flyer_33339915
Going to have more rare records in the following months keep a look out, Thanks. The Beatles A hard days night 1st Press Original STEREO Sold in the uk label text parlophone rim. Mid size Stereo made by garrod & lofthouse flip back laminated sleeve and emitex tracing paper inner. Including Parlophone flyer. Sleeve condition : Mint minus Not one crease on the laminated front Corners are nice Reverse sleeve still as white as the day it was pressed Spine perfect, Practically shop condition. No writing, no ageing, no splits, no tears, no creases. Record vinyl condition : Near mint just pressed look beautiful sheen to both side no dulling No Skips, no jumps, no distortion Label condition : Side one near mint condition , No spindle marks at all. Side two excellent+ Two spindle marks very very light. Parlophone flyer: Excellent
September 02, 2017 - 04:05:37 PM GMT (12 months ago)
Beatles-hard-day-s-night-stereo-1st-original-uk-mint-condition-parlophone-flyer_33339916 Beatles-hard-day-s-night-stereo-1st-original-uk-mint-condition-parlophone-flyer_33339917 Beatles-hard-day-s-night-stereo-1st-original-uk-mint-condition-parlophone-flyer_33339919 Beatles-hard-day-s-night-stereo-1st-original-uk-mint-condition-parlophone-flyer_33339920 Beatles-hard-day-s-night-stereo-1st-original-uk-mint-condition-parlophone-flyer_33339921 Beatles-hard-day-s-night-stereo-1st-original-uk-mint-condition-parlophone-flyer_33339922 Beatles-hard-day-s-night-stereo-1st-original-uk-mint-condition-parlophone-flyer_33339923 Beatles-hard-day-s-night-stereo-1st-original-uk-mint-condition-parlophone-flyer_33339925 Beatles-hard-day-s-night-stereo-1st-original-uk-mint-condition-parlophone-flyer_33339926


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