70s+80s Vinyl Lot of 9 Mixed-M-Pop Muzik/Mojo-Anna Lee-Youth In Asia/Manhattans

$2.99 USD
March 21, 2017 - 12:53:58 AM GMT (over 1 year ago)
70s-80s-vinyl-lot-of-9-mixed-m-pop-muzik-mojo-anna-lee-youth-in-asia-manhattans_29465503 70s-80s-vinyl-lot-of-9-mixed-m-pop-muzik-mojo-anna-lee-youth-in-asia-manhattans_29465514 70s-80s-vinyl-lot-of-9-mixed-m-pop-muzik-mojo-anna-lee-youth-in-asia-manhattans_29465530
1970s & 1980s 45 RPM 7" Vinyl Record lot of 9! Mojo - Anna Lee / Youth In Asia 1981 Milesongs Rubber Records Miles Corbin: vocals, guitar (near mint) M - Pop Muzik 3:20 / M Factor (Robin Scott) 2:32 1978 Robbin Sott 1979 Midascare Productions Sire Records SRE 49033 (sticker on label) MANHATTANS Kiss And Say Goodbye 3:29 / Wonderful World Of Love 2:47 1976 CBS Inc Columbia Records (sticker on label) Shining Star 3:45 / I'll Never Run Away From Love Again 3:40 1980 CBS Inc Columbia Records (sticker on label) Let Your Love Come Down 3:23 / I Wanta Thank You 3:22 1981 CBS Inc. Columbia Records (sticker on sleeve) Crazy 3:55 / Love Is Gonna Find You 4:55 1983 CBS Inc. Columbia Records Honey, Honey 3:46 / I Wanta Thank You 3:50 1981 CBS Inc. Columbia Records I'll Never Find Another (Find Another Like You) 4:05 / Rendezvous 4:12 1980 CBS Inc. Columbia Records (sticker on label) Just One Moment Away 3:22 / When I Leave Tomorrow 4:33 1981 CBS Inc. Nine 7" vinyl records from 1976 to 1983 These nine 7" vinyl records from the 70s & 80s are in good condition with some ring wear. Some had never been used! There are stickers with charting information written on them on some of them. There is ring wear on the sleeves. Please see all photos for details. Good Luck to all bidders on this collection!! Check out my other items! Be sure to add me to your favorites list!
March 11, 2017 - 12:53:58 AM GMT (over 1 year ago)
70s-80s-vinyl-lot-of-9-mixed-m-pop-muzik-mojo-anna-lee-youth-in-asia-manhattans_29465548 70s-80s-vinyl-lot-of-9-mixed-m-pop-muzik-mojo-anna-lee-youth-in-asia-manhattans_29465561 70s-80s-vinyl-lot-of-9-mixed-m-pop-muzik-mojo-anna-lee-youth-in-asia-manhattans_29465569 70s-80s-vinyl-lot-of-9-mixed-m-pop-muzik-mojo-anna-lee-youth-in-asia-manhattans_29465575 70s-80s-vinyl-lot-of-9-mixed-m-pop-muzik-mojo-anna-lee-youth-in-asia-manhattans_29465590 70s-80s-vinyl-lot-of-9-mixed-m-pop-muzik-mojo-anna-lee-youth-in-asia-manhattans_29465608 70s-80s-vinyl-lot-of-9-mixed-m-pop-muzik-mojo-anna-lee-youth-in-asia-manhattans_29465620 70s-80s-vinyl-lot-of-9-mixed-m-pop-muzik-mojo-anna-lee-youth-in-asia-manhattans_29465637 70s-80s-vinyl-lot-of-9-mixed-m-pop-muzik-mojo-anna-lee-youth-in-asia-manhattans_29465655


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