4 Albums The Beatles Not In Good Condition Please Please Me Is Damage

$13.48 USD
April 21, 2017 - 02:59:22 PM GMT (about 1 year ago)
4-albums-the-beatles-not-in-good-condition-please-please-me-is-damage_30169237 4-albums-the-beatles-not-in-good-condition-please-please-me-is-damage_30169239 4-albums-the-beatles-not-in-good-condition-please-please-me-is-damage_30169240
I given the records that was store in my garage from a friend they been in storage long time I clean them with vinyl cleaner lots hair line scratches but played ok on my record player lots of Beatles + Rolling Stones I wasn't sure to sell them together all separate all is not in mint condition but all got there sleeves.but these 4 are the worse but Plays except Please Please me at the beginning
April 14, 2017 - 02:59:22 PM GMT (about 1 year ago)
4-albums-the-beatles-not-in-good-condition-please-please-me-is-damage_30169241 4-albums-the-beatles-not-in-good-condition-please-please-me-is-damage_30169242 4-albums-the-beatles-not-in-good-condition-please-please-me-is-damage_30169243 4-albums-the-beatles-not-in-good-condition-please-please-me-is-damage_30169244 4-albums-the-beatles-not-in-good-condition-please-please-me-is-damage_30169245 4-albums-the-beatles-not-in-good-condition-please-please-me-is-damage_30169247


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